Model, Journalist, Marketing Agent

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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Robyn Lees. Model, Journalist/Editor & Marketing Agent.
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Originally training in IT and web development, I have always been interested in modelling. From my first ever photo shoot to my latest one, I love every second of it.
Although I am only 5' 1", I make up for my size with passion and energy (and an hourglass figure).
My interest in clothes and shoes span everything from vintage and 50s to modern day fashion and glamour to rockabilly punk and leather. This helps me to be a very flexible model who is happy to do shoots of all styles. The photographers I have worked with have mentioned my natural flair for the art. I am more than ready to take on new, exciting and challenging modelling projects.
I have never fully veered away from where I started, and still provide journalism and marketing services to various businesses in the UK. In addition to expanding my modelling career, I am always happy to take on new clients.
So, what do I bring to the table? My enthusiasm, strong work ethic, and dedication for the creative arts make me a choice you won't regret! I look forward to hearing from you.
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