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Review: white rabbit - 15/03/2012

"Two talented young ladies who are raunchy and stunning"

by Paul Wise, Writer & Editor

  Lots of local young talent appeared in the Zanzibar tonight, some with real good sounds. But I am here to review an up and coming band called white rabbit.

Becky and Maria, two talented young ladies who are raunchy and stunning; accompanied by Connor Dickinson on guitar and Josh Parker on drums.

The girls fronted the band with a drumstick each; as they belted through the three songs they sang, at the end of each number they slammed the drummers' cymbals once to bring each song to its conclusion. Although the band sang covers tonight, I have been reliably informed that they are actually working on their own original material that will be released soon!

"Call me" they launched with, that raunchy Blondie number that the girls made their own. Well balanced singing, brought to an end with each of them hitting the drummers cymbals together. Clever!

Next up was "Crazy in Love", move over Beyonce, because here where two girls who again gave another wonderful rendition.

And if that was not enough, the finale was a very well rehearsed song by The Pretty Reckless, "Zombie". Such a great song for them to finish on

Pity they only sang three numbers, as the crowd cheered and applauded their brilliant set and more would've been appreciated.

Rock On white rabbit!!

Find out more about white rabbit on their Facebook page at

Officially Reviewed by

Paul Wise
Writer & Editor
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