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Review: The Lemon EP by Hot Head Show

"Their eclectic sound fuses together any and every genre it can"

by Daniel Mitchell, Writer & Editor

  Sounding like the British bastard child of Captain Beefheart and Les Claypool, London band Hot Head Show create a combination of Avant-Garde, Blues and Ska that almost sounds like a progressive reaction against the ska-subverting modern British indie scene.

After listening to the EP, however it becomes clear that Hot Head Show, like Les Claypool (and Primus, who Hot Head Show supported on Primus' recent 2011 tour, though their live show wasn't anywhere near as polished or compelling as their studio releases).

Their eclectic sound fuses together any and every genre it can in the space of an EP, allowing each idea its time to shine. Fans of any of the aforementioned bands which inspire this album should definitely give Hot Head Show's The Lemon EP (streamable free here, apart from 1 bonus track) a spin, and in its entirety if possible as suggested by the band themselves (purchasing the EP via digital download, the album starts with a track which is the EP in its entirety, bar the one minus track). Not only is the production impressive for a first EP but also the polish on a lot of the songs. Though there are a few brief inconsistencies, there are some awesome shining moments on this EP, along with jazzy/ska-y/funky bass-lines, frantic drumming and quirky lyrics

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Daniel Mitchell
Writer & Editor
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