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Review: StOp sTop

"Making them every inch the perfect rock stars"

by Keely Anne Hill, Writer & Editor

  Call me old fashioned, but where are all of the true rock and rollers gone? The metal heads? The hippies?

I am bored of watching boys in H&M shirts or Metallic Tees nonchalantly strumming along to a song they have penned themselves and believe to be superior to the current best seller. I'm uninspired by weekend rock stars who are actually 9-5 pen pushers and have never done anything remotely interesting in their mundane little lives. I'm nonplussed by the after gig parties, which for many consist of drinking a few beers and then slumping home to their parents' houses, pretending that they are kings of the world.

I need some heroes. I need some real rock stars. I need StOp sToP.

Hailing from Barcelona, hard rocking StOp sToP will take you back to the good old days - where men weren't afraid to wear makeup and Lycra. With catchy powerful riffs, choruses you will chant until you are hoarse, and energetic stage antics; lead vocalist and bassist Jacob and the boys will have you entranced. In full Joker-style makeup, imp-like Jacob with his frizz of blond hair bounces and head bangs around the stage, giving you everything, all in the name of rock and roll, and supported by the dashing Vega and Danny on guitar and drums respectively.

StOp sToP's songs are pure classic rock, simply epic. Their debut album, Unlimited, offers you up a slice of original compositions that would hold their own amongst any set of established artists such as Deff Leopard, Motley Crue or Twisted Sister. With simple but brilliantly executed tracks such as "I Was Made For Rock" and "In Your Face", plus the obligatory ballad "Regret", this CD must be played loudly - it's what StOp sToP would expect. Danny's trashy drumming drives the tracks and gives them a chaotic excitement, while Vega's guitar epics and funky talk box add that little bit extra, creating a pure, no-nonsense offering that will have you playing air-guitar instantly. Don't be deceived by vocalist Jacobs sprightly appearance, his dirty growl is perfect for the genre, rumbling through the tracks like a demolition machine. Only a few instances of clipped pronunciation suggest that these boys are from the continent. And these boys don't do things by halves, touring Europe and the US previously, the boys arrived in the UK with just a van, and have been living the dream ever since, making them every inch the perfect rock stars - apart from maybe the recording contract.

If you want the energy punched back into the live music scene, then I implore you, StOp sToP are waiting to entertain you. Though the themes of the song writing is of the usual ilk (not wanting to grow up, breaking the rules, women, rock and roll) it offers you a pure, perfectly encapsulated classic rock experience, and believe me, you won't be able to get those catchy tracks out of your head.

Excuse my language, but I can't think of anything more descriptive to stay apart from that this band are f**king awesome.

Catch StOp sToP on one of their dates in the UK before they drive off into the sunset back to Espana, check out or on facebook.

Photos by Chloe Luckin Photography

Officially Reviewed by

Keely Anne Hill
Writer & Editor
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