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Review: Self Titled EP by The Self Titled

"It was literally full to the brim with funky, driving riffs"

by Mike Richardson, Head Editor

  One of the hardest working rock bands on the UK circuit at the moment, The Self Titled just never seem to stop! Formed at the beginning of 2010 they have been working and playing hard to build a fanbase and reputation ever since. Contantly gigging they have broken out of their home turf of the South coast and played at events like the Bulldog Bash and Farmyard Party, recieving some great live reviews along the way.

Their "Self Titled" EP lives up to their reputation of being straight down the line rockers; hard, heavy and in your face. First track up was "Inuit" and it was literally full to the brim with funky, driving riffs. Somewhat reminiscent of Seether and other "Southern Rock" bands from the US it was a surprise, but a very pleasant one at that. The drums are tight and combined with those superb riffs and a driving bassline really pull the song along at a pace. Vocally it could possibly have done with a little more work but I can imagine that live this must go down a storm.

In contrast the second track "Soul Control" is a much more old-school affair with a distinctly British sound. "Soul Control" reminded me of Motorhead and Black Sabbath, with a much simpler, stripped back heavy rock'n'roll feel which was less catchy than "Inuit". While done well, it seemed dated in comparison with "Inuit" and lacked the sparkle of the first track.

Last up was "Harped", a slightly heavier affair that almost skirts on the edge of metal rather than rock and showcases the band's versatility. With gritty vocals and big guitars this track is full of energy and vigour bringing the game up again and proving that they can transfer their energy onto a recording as well as live.

Overall an enjoyable and interesting EP, I'm looking forward to hearing more from The Self Titled in the near future.

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Mike Richardson
Head Editor
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