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Review: GLO

"Canada's undiscovered gem that deserve an incomprehensible amount of recognition"

by Robyn Lees, Writer & Editor

  Where to start with GLO? Killer riffs, gripping guitars and amazing and capable vocals certainly seem a good place to start. Kicking off every track with enthralling intros, GLO's every track contains consistent drumming to mesmeric vocals and strong guitar work.

They (GLO) show a high amount of potential and exhibit their multi-talented members. They can be somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead with their riffs and style but twist this to an even greater advantage with the addition of some Foo Fighter style vocals with a little bit of Stone Temple Pilots thrown in.

The tracks flow smoothly into one another to create an album that you can't stop listening to. They really are Canada's undiscovered gem that deserve an incomprehensible amount of recognition for their incredible musical abilities. GLO clearly demonstrate sheer passion and energy with all elements merging well together.

My one complaint about this album would be that there aren't enough songs!

If you want to find out more about GLO, visit their offcial website at or checkout their Facebook page

Checkout the video below of GLO working in the studio;

Officially Reviewed by

Robyn Lees
Writer & Editor
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