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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

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HELLO! I'm Nick and I am an actor and presenter, I'm 15 years old and acting and presenting is a passion for me I enjoy Talking so presenting is my cup of tea. I have worked at 3 different radio staions as a presenter and street team memeber want to know more? Read about my career in the my career window or visit
My name is Nicholas I was born in Milton keynes in 1997 and at the age of 5 I started school ever since then my teachers said they saw talent in me. In 2009 i started secondary school and very soon the Drama dept said they saw talent i was soon told by the head of Drama i was gifted and talented. I finished the highest level in Drama for year 7. also in 2009 I co-presented 3 shows on CRMK online which went very well.
In 2010 I co-preseneted 2 shows on CRMK online due to the presenter canceling his show in 2010 one of the main things i was focused on was my Drama. Now in 2013 I have co-presented 4 shows on MKFM and also presented a 1 hour show. I also had my own show on secklow sounds called "The Nick Watts show" which after 16 shows i thought the show had seen its glory and i didnt want it to become boring so I made the very hard decision to end the show. Now just over one year on is the return of The Nick Watts show COMING SOON to Secklow Sounds radio
I will have a show starting on secklow sounds very soon.

The Nick Watts show coming soon to Secklow Sounds

What have I done in my 15 years of life? Visit to read my full career so far.


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