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Manchester Orchestra announce new album "Cope"

The band are also set to hit the road this spring, performing songs from the new album

By News Desk, News
Published on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 | 3:40pm
Manchester Orchestra are set to release their new album "Cope" on April the 1st. The new full-length album from the Atlanta-based band was self-produced alongside their long-time collaborating partner Dan Hannon, and mixed by John Agnello at Fluxivity Studios in Brooklyn.

Recorded entirely in the home studio they built themselves after six months spent gutting and refurbishing the old house they used to live in together. The follow up to 2011's "Simple Math", the band's critically acclaimed and highest charting album to date, "Cope" is an unrelenting and unapologetically heavy 38 minutes of rock.

Manchester Orchestra found itself at a crossroads as they approached making their fourth studio album - in between labels and uncertain of the future for the first time since lead singer and songwriter Andy Hull started the band as a teenager almost a decade ago. He was barely finished with high school back then, and as they started writing, Hull and his band mates found themselves transitioning into the adult reality that shit happens.

"Cope, to me, means getting by. It means letting go, and being OK with being OK" said Hull, "You can cope in a positive way when bad things happen, or a negative way, and that blend was a big lyrical theme for me on this album".

The title track "Cope" was written during one of the earliest sessions for the album, and it helped chart the course for everything that followed. "We wanted to make the kind of album that's missing at this time in rock: something that's just brutal and pounding you over the head every track" Hull explained, "whereas Simple Math was a different palate with each song, a different color, I wanted this to be black and red the whole time".

The band are also set to hit the road this spring, performing songs from the new album for fans on a headline two-month tour of North America, and headlining dates in April in the UK.

Ten years after 17 year-old Hull started Manchester Orchestra as an outlet for his tender bedroom recordings, the singer-songwriter says he's reached a place where he trusts his and his band's instincts more than ever.

Checkout the video below to track "Top Notch", which comes off the new album;

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee


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