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"Juan Of The Dead" hits cinemas next week

A slacker who decides to save Cuba from an invasion of cannibalistic zombies

Following in the witty and gory footsteps of "Shaun of the Dead", comes Cuba's first full-length horror movie "Juan Of The Dead", which tells the blood-drenched tale of a slacker who decides to save Cuba from an invasion of cannibalistic zombies. As the zombies turn Havana into a gory circus of flying limbs and severed heads, the nightly news anchors continue to calmly assert the government line, that the attacks are not the work of the undead but dissidents in the pay of the United States.

Scattered with allusions to traumatic moments in Cuba's recent history, this is a zombie movie with real satirical bite.

Juan Of The Dead hits cinema screens on Friday.

Checkout the trailer below;

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