Miguelito Acosta

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Miguelito Acosta
Actor - Producer - Director - Writer


Phone: (5521) 8026-5901 / (5521) 9236-2607
Nextel: (21) 7873-1846 / ID 10*87369
E-mail: miguelitoacosta@gmail.com
Skype: miguelitoacosta
Miguelito Acosta is Actor and Producer Brazilian, graduated in Dramatic Arts on Escola Técnica Estadual Martins Penna, and Executive Producer in Escola Técnica de Artes Luís Carlos Ripper, both in the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Is Secretary Substitute and Communication Coordinator at AIAM - Associação Indígena Aldeia Maracanã. And member of the Academia de Artes, Cultura e Letras de Marataízes, where he received the award "Master of Arts" for services rendered to Brazilian society.
Opera: Turandot - Writer: Giacomo Puccini
Director: Pier Francesco Maestrini
Theater Municipal of Rio de Janeiro
Character: Hangman

Turistas (Movie) - Writer: Michael Ross - Director: John Stockwell
American Production - Stone Village Pictures - Hollywood - California
Character: Bodyguard - Jamoru

Rouge Brésil (Movie) - Writer: Jean-Christophe Rufin - Director: Sylvain Archambault
International Production - Globo Filmes and Conspiração Filmes (Brazil),
Pampa Films (French), CD Filmes (Canadian) and Stopline Films (Portugal)
Character: Native Warrior


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