Latem Krow

West Midlands, United Kingdom

+ Musician
We are Latem Krow
The Rock N' Roll outfit Latem Krow formed in March of 2011, although the bands who created it Sunset Posse and Vengeance Follows have been active since 2007.
We are a revolutionary band who will inspire and help people from all over the world. We will stand up for human rights, and make a stance against world govenments. The power of music has the gift to join us all, and together we will become a Rock N' Roll world force.
This World group formed out of the merger of 2 bands, one being Sunset Posse, and the other Vengeance Follows. The merger of these 2 very strong bands, has created a special unit, which will get stronger and stronger.
The Concrete City EP, to be released in the New Year.....Welcome to our Jungle


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