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British Columbia, Canada

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Kristen Karma has the power to make pink hardcore, and she will not take, “No” for an answer. With a career that is already blossoming in the Vancouver pop/dance scene, Kristen Karma is sitting pretty on her glam pop throne.

Even though much of her formative years were devoted to a theoretical and exacting world of ballet lessons, Air Cadets, Military Marching Bands, and The Royal Conservatory of Music, some of the only evidence that remains of her past is the neon pink tulle that shoots out from under her black corset. It’s undeniable—Kristen Karma is a band nerd. But she is a band nerd who might punch you in the face for showing up late to practice.

Keep an eager ear out for her upcoming single, “Supersonic Barbie,” which exposes the listener to a choir of plastic dolls taking up the BGV’s behind Karma, who plays the role of the master conductor with a black and pink Midas touch.

Kristen Karma is taking control of her own destiny with a Gold Award in one hand (personally given to her by HRH Prince Edward in 2009) and a black corset in the other. She effortlessly walks the line between an organized and responsibly rehearsed persona who has spent years studying the theory behind her music, and her alter ego who cannot refrain from gallivanting all over the stage during her pop/electronic performances. Karma not only wields a certificate in Audio Engineering from Hot Sole Music, but has years of experience in basically every kind of band ranging in style from Pipes and Drums to Jazz, and from Military Marching Bands to her own dance-pop project.

Her previous EP, Destination Unknown, garnered critical success with numerous positive reviews, but Karma’s recordings are far from her only facet that is gaining positive attention from the press. Kristen Karma lives for the stage, and it shows. “She plays as if it’s her last time she’s ever going to be playing,” reports DJ Spencer in a recent review (December 2011). Karma herself recounts stories of being drawn to the stage from an early age, saying, “Before the age of five, I would gravitate to the stage no matter who was playing. If I could, I would get up on stage and dance with the singers.” It is this kind of driven and simultaneously care-free attitude that has propelled Kristen Karma deeper and deeper into a professional career in music.

With influences such as Lady Gaga, The Veronicas and Cindi Lauper, it is no wonder that Kristen Karma offers a distinct flavor of electronic-pop that radiates the message: sexiness is in the real girl. This theme is explicitly present in Karma’s new single, “Supersonic Barbie,” which features Karma’s easy expulsion of the popular notion that there is only one kind of beauty. Karma refuses to conform to this stereotypical portrayal of what it means to be sexy, and she does it all with a neon pink microphone in hand.
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Kristen Karma - Do You Believe In Karma? (Teaser)


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