Isolated Atoms

United Kingdom

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Isolated Atoms formed in the Industrial town of Dudley in The Black Country, England.
Who do they sound like?........
Think of the anthemic sounds of U2 and Springsteen mixed with the rawness of
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Crowes and you might just get a slight glimpse into the sonic chemistry of the band.
But make no mistake....... this is Isolated Atoms and no one else!
That’s a hell of a statement to make but this is Arena music, festival anthems, radio friendly hooks, all waiting to be discovered.
Grant Leon Ashman (Vocals), Mark Neat (Guitars), David Davies (Bass) and Yang (Drums) like to think of their songs as 3 minutes of mixed emotions. They make people love, cry, provoke, and challenge, all in equal measure. But most of all they have to be real, written with passion.

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