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5 minutes with Xavier

"I like to show off in front of the camera and do different poses"

Today we welcome a very special young talent into the interview room, he goes by the name of Xavier (accompanied by his Mum) Hello Xavier and Mum, Michelle!

So let's begin, how long has Xavier been modelling for and when did he first start having professional photos taken?

Xavier started Modelling about a year ago. He always been very photogenic and I, mum decided to get some professional model photo's taken about a year ago also.

Xavier, how much do you enjoy being infront of the camera?

I enjoy the camera very much, it makes me happy, I like to show off in front of the camera and do different poses.

Do you find it exciting?

Yes I do I like to see how the pictures look once their all taken.

Would you like to be a model as you get older?

Yes I would a model or an actor.

Michelle, what kind of shoots has Xavier been a part of so far in his short career?

His has entered some modelling competitions and taken pictures for different photographer's. He has some more professional jobs coming up in the pipe line which both Xavier and I are very excited about. It's a slow process but things are starting to pick up.

Where can we expect to see Xavier's face in the future?

Well both Xavier and I are very ambitious people and love to see his face in magazines and on catwalks.

Does he have any shoots lined up?

Yes he does have some things in the pipe line.

Xavier, what other interests do you have other than being a model?

I enjoy dancing and playing football.

What Sports do you like?

I like football and sprinting.

Playing with your friends?

Yes I do it's fun.

Now you are a model Xavier I bet you have lots of girlfriends, do you have any at school?

No I don't have a girlfriend, girls are gross.. LOL

I bet they all think your famous now!

No not everyone knows that I model at school.

Well Michelle, it's good to see a mum supporting a child in a positive way, going about things the right way, so well done to you. I would like to wish you both the very best of luck in the future, and Xavier, keep up the good work!

Thanks very much and thanks for taking the time for interview me and my son. :)

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