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5 minutes with Violet Omen

"Practice, Practice, Practice until your craft is a fine art"

Hello, today we welcome Violet Omen into the interview room!

Helloooooo :)

Firstly, start by introducing yourselves as individuals and telling us what roles you have within the band.

Lilly Black- Lyrics and Vocals

Stuart Duffy- Lead Guitar

Chris Jones- Rhythm Guitar

Keiran Purcell- Bass Guitar

Roy O'Sullivan- Drums

What genre of music does your band write and play?

Our music is pretty mixed, a lot of people say we are Alternative, some say we are Indie and a few have said Punk.

Our music is quite different to the traditional Indie and Alternative that many know so we normally refer to our style as "Vindie" its really a little joke amongst the band but we will keep it until we get assigned a suitable genre, but we do like that people are un sure, it means we are different and it could be the start of a new genre, you never know :)

Where did you all come to meet? How did the name Violet Omen come to light?

Well firstly Stu, Chris and Keiran met at their workplace at bank of america, then Keiran also met Roy through work and Lilly came along after an audition they held for a singer...

Not a very exciting story

The name came about when the guys first came together after deciding to make a band (Stu, Chris, Keiran) they debated for a long time over names, Stu our lead guitarist would not let go of the idea of having Violet in the name as it was the name of his favourite song, after some careful consideration and an endless amount of ridiculous names including (super sonic space monkeys) or something along those lines haha anyway the name omen came up and it stuck and that's when Violet Omen was born.

What do you think it is about your band that makes you stand out from a crowd?

We stand out because of the mix of our music, we don't stick to one idea or one subject, we write about life and topics that many can relate to and no two tracks are the same. We often get the crowd involved at gigs and make them really feel apart of our performance, after all they are the most important people to us without them we couldn't keep doing what we love most.

There are 5 of you on the band, does this sometimes bring tension and confrontation to the table? If so, how do you go about dealing with it?

Sometimes writing can be a bit manic when 5 people are shooting ideas across, if we disagree we talk it out, let everyone have a view and then we finish it off with a band vote, we all respect band vote and we carry on. We never argue because we have a lot of respect for each other so disagreements are very rare.

If you could give some advice to someone looking to start a band, what advice would you give them?

You need to have thick skin.. There are people out there who want to knock you down, ALWAYS be your self and be original! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it, anything is possible in life with hard work, nothing comes easy and if you work hard enough you will eventually reap the awards. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and never let anyone change you, stand out and be an INDIVIDUAL! Practice, Practice, Practice until your craft is a fine art... oh and... DONT DROP YOUR STICKS!!

So far, as a band, what has been your highlight?

There have been so many highlights for us, recording our EP was amazing but the biggest highlight so far has got to be playing Tattonbury festival (scouts jamboree) The whole place was full of energy and the crowd were absolutely amazing! They made us feel so welcome, jumped around like crazy to our music and rushed to us to get autographs afterwards, which is something we had never done before so it was a little bizarre but pretty awesome!

We held a dance off in which the winner won a signed Violet Omen T shirt, the winner stunned us, as soon as the music started he dived through the crowd doing a back flip finishing it off with some old school body popping, we now call him robot boy! What a legend!!

The whole day was fantastic and it is such a great event that we really hope goes national! Youths need events like Tattonbury and hobbies such as the scouts these days, its so easy to be dragged in to the wrong crowd and the scouts really help to develop skills and learn the importance of team work by holding great activities and keeping young people off the streets!

Special praise goes out to all of the scout leaders and staff that made the festival possible!

What can we expect from you in the near future? Do we have any new material on the way?

Yes, we are currently writing new material that we hope to record towards the end of this year to be followed by our first UK tour at the beginning next year.

So who knows, we may be coming to a town near you! If you see us come say hello and join the party!

If people want to find out more about your band, where can they go to do so?

Its easy to find us on facebook just simply search "Violet Omen Band" and we will pop up.

You can have a listen to our music at

We also have a myspace

And you can follow us on twitter @violetomen

Well I would like to thankyou for taking the time to speak with us and I wish you all the very best in the future.

Thank YOU very much! Keep up the good work! :)

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