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5 minutes with Twist & Pulse

"It's surprising how many different types of people enjoyed our act"

Today we would like to welcome two very gifted talents into the interview room, its none other than Twist & Pulse.

Glen, Ashley, welcome !

Firstly, I would like to say a MASSIVE well done for your Britain's Got Talent Achievements, it quite clearly helped to kick start your careers but also you brought something fresh to our screens!

So tell us, where did it all start? How did you both meet and start Twist & Pulse?

Glen - We both met at the Brit school in croydon. We studied dance and were both known for doing streetdance, so the teachers gave us a place in the end of year show to perform, thats when we created our first piece of streetomedy.

How did the name "Twist & Pulse" come about?

Glen - Ashley's brothers name is Oliver and they look exactly the same so everyone calls him Oliver & Twist. I got my name through an old dance teacher.

When it comes to building a routine, where do you start? Is it the moves you work on first or do you put the music together first?

Ashley - We make up loads of different routines, then lay them out, then we get the music to fit all the parts we created.

I think everyone who saw you on BGT saw how entertaining your routines were, has there always been a comedy element in what you do or is that something you introduced later on when putting the act together?

Glen - The comedy parts just came about randomly, we used to make mistakes or do something clumsy and thought why not keep it in.

How have you coped with the being recognised part of Britain's Got Talent? Do you often get stopped in the street? Has the interest from girls increased? Haha.

Ashley - It's so weird being noticed in the street but you've got to love it :D lol we get stopped by lots of girls, but also kids, mums, dads and other family members, it's surprising how many different types of people enjoyed our act.

So how does it work outside of Dance? Are you both good friends and spend your social time together?

Glen - When we get time off we catch up with family and friends but still manage to go shopping together, cinema. and just jam. :)

Now BGT has finished, what have you both been up too, what do we have planned for the coming months? Anything exciting that you could give us as an exclusive?

Glen - We've been really busy creating new routines and working on our music careers, we wanted to take what we do to a new level by putting our own songs in our routines. So we have written and produced 3 songs so far and there is more to come! So watch out!

All sounds good to me, apart from T&P, is there anything else you do? Do you have any other hobbies or maybe other ventures you are involved with?

Glen - We both work on music, so song-writing and producing beats, as well as our own dance company TPDC (Twist and Pulse Dance Company)

Ashley - We are also working on an online dance series written and directed by Pulse but featuring us as a duo alongside loads of the best uk dancers :D

If you could give some advice to any budding talents out there looking to make a career of what they love, what advice would you give them?

Glen - Practice makes perfect! believe in what you do and have faith in it, it will happen.

Well I would like to say a MASSIVE thankyou for talking with us, it's much appreciated. I hope that you both go on to achieve all your goals and let's hope we can see more of you in the very near future.

Your very Welcome :D

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