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5 minutes with The Protoneers

"We don't try and immitate another bands sound, or the way they play"

Today we welcome into the interview Room a band by the name of The Protoneers. Welcome Guys!

Let's start off with the introductions, names and what your role is within the band.

We're currently a three piece, with Dan Wicks on guitars and vocals, Matt 'Sticks' Seymour on Drums and Sam Fraher also Guitars/Vocals.

How long have you been together and how did the band come about?

Roughly 2 years (as The Protoneers) but experience wise, we've all played previously in other bands. Matt started drumming age 7 and Myself and Dan have about 14/15 years experience on guitar. The band pretty much started up from general jamming (between Matt and myself) but the idea was always there from the start to form a proper lineup, and summer of 09 Dan joined on guitar. We actually started as totally instrumental, but the sound was just lacking that drive you get from having vocals!

What is it that you think makes your band different to anybody else's?

We don't try and immitate another bands sound, or the way they play. Making an effort to have our own 'sound' I think sets us apart from anybody else. You can listen to alot of bands now, and 9 times out of ten they are very similar. There seem to be alot of bands; particularly indie, that put their best efforts into sounding like something thats already well known. But I think its becoming harder and harder to sound different, especially in rock! Great example of this would be Beady Eye, yes the sound they've got is different from Oasis..but the style of the songs still have that Oasis kinda feel.

I understand you have quite a few years experience between you, tell us a little bit about what you have done previously to becoming The Protoneers.

Yeah indeed, before the Protoneers formed Dan was playing bass for a band called Jasper Cain, Matt has over the last year drummed for a metal band called 'Blood Stained Velvet' and various other groups/artists, and I played with a couple of bands around the Nottingham area prior to us forming The Protoneers. But we've each played our instruments for over 12 years some way or another.

What is the next step in terms of music for the band?

At the moment, we're in the middle of recording 3 songs for a new E.P, which is top priority, of which one is called "Second Best". Over the last 5/6 months there's been alot of songwriting happen, and the best songs from it we're planning on playing live. In the long term, we'd like to record more and have a really good 10/11 songs for a first album. There's many ideas in the pipeline and they'll materialise over the next coming months! Giving a younger band with some potential a chance to support us is something that could happen.

So far in your careers, what has been the highlights?

Dan - Finding true love, improving his baritone vocals and songwriting
Matt - Being given his first drumsticks/drumkit, taking up bass...and now the guitar, writing one of our best songs!
Sam - Improving vocals and also songwriting, being given the ultimatum of taking guitar lessons...or having no guitar at all, attempting to play drums

We've all generally enjoyed being The Protoneers thus far, so that would be the main highlight for us as a whole. The other bands we've met during the time since we formed has been great aswell!

If people want to find out more about you, where can they go to do so?

Our facebook page! or a google search of our band name will lead you in the right direction

Thankyou very much for talking to us here at Fit4Talent, we very much appreciate your time! Good luck for the future!

Cheers and its been a pleasure, the same to you.

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