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5 minutes with The One Twos

"We have been compared to Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys, Scouting for girls and the kooks"

Today we welcome into the Fit4Talent interview room a great band who go by the name of The one twos!

Lads, welcome!

Firstly, start off by introducing yourselves and tell us what your role is within the band.

Matt Clark: Vocals
Ben Hughes: lead guitar
Danny Bailey: Bass
Charlie Davis: Drums
Adam Snips: Rhythm Guitar

How long have you been together? How did you come to meet?

The One twos we formed in late 2010 but the only original members left from that line up are Matt and Ben, funny enough Ben actually used to be the Drummer but due to a rocky start we took a step back and had a line up change!

Charlie the new drummer is also a singer song writer who played the local open mic night scene and has luck would have it he played at a night Matt put on.. after a drunken chat The One Twos had there new drummer this would bring us up to March 2011 so after spending a few weeks looking for a bass player Dan joined the one twos.. an fitted right in... but shortly after lead guitarist James felt he wanted to do his own thing ''kidgloves' so yet again.. we were looking for a replacement.. in comes Ad.. so there you have The One Twos so really we have only been together about four months!!

I have been listening to some of your music and I must say, IMPRESSIVE, what genre would you say your band comes under?

Thank you

Well we have been called new wave and indie.. i like to think of us as new wave!

matt: when i sit down to write the songs on the guitar i never have a genre in mind that i want it to sound like.. i just want it to sound good.. can we call that a genre '' good '' ??

If you had to name a "sound-a-like" band, what example of a band / artist would you give?

In recent reviews or comments by fans we have been compared to Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and sons, Scouting for girls, libertines and the kooks oh and the Courteeners... it used to really bug me that we were compared to other bands, but they are all great bands if you can take all those an put it into one band, we have got to be onto a winner, right?

What can we expect from you over the coming months? Do you have anything in the pipeline? Releases? Gigs?

We will be doing a LOT of gigs!! we have spent the last month or two working on a headline set list that we are happy to show everyone! so now we are just eager to get out there and show every one!! we will also be recording our 5 track EP some point in September which well be on sale at gigs via facebook and I tunes!

All sounds good to me! Good luck with the EP and the O2 gig!

What would you say has been your highlight so far as a band?

We headlined the O2 academy back in May for manifest promotions and we were expecting every one to be stood still, maybe with a few feet tapping but soon as we started it just went mental!!! with people singing our songs back to us.. after walking off stage after that gig i dont think any of us said a word to each other we kinda just smiled like ' did that just happen '

If you could choose any line-up to have support you, in a dream world, who would it be?

The original Libertines followed by the strokes, it is on my Christmas list so you never know!!

If people want to find out more information regarding your music and gigs? Where can they go to do so?

You can find us on Facebook or twitter even youtube!

Well thankyou for talking to us, good luck for the future!

No.. thank you :-D

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