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5 minutes with The Method

"At the moment there is 2 different Record labels interested in working with us"

Today we welcome a band into the interview room who go by the name of 'The Method.'

How are you all feeling today?

Ryan: Hey, we are awesome thanks!

Good to hear, well, let's start by having you introduce yourselves as individuals and telling us what roles you play within the band.

Dean: I play the drums and backing vocals for most of the songs, and percussion when we play acoustic sets. Although I haven't had a chance
to get on the drums just yet, because we have only done acoustic gigs. But we all feel we get a good sound with me just playing percussion. At the moment i'm happy doing backing vocals, as mine and Ash's voices fit together.

Ash: I'm the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, as well as songwriter , although everyone adds there own touch around what I have written.
Originally I was planning on being a solo artist. I knew dean was a drummer, and had a good voice, but he had no idea I could sing or write song's. Aha
Dean: I just though Ash was a moody teenager locking himself in his room, but turned out he was writing songs!

Ryan: And me? im the lead guitarist, I add my own solos to our stuff. I try and make our slower songs sound a bit more exciting..

The name 'The Method' - where does it originate and how did it come about?

Ash: Well as the old saying goes "There's method in the madness". As you may know the music industry is a bit crazy.

Ryan: Yeah, but apparently Madness was already taken! aha

Ash: Apparently so! We then decided we liked Method.. So now were The Method.

Let's talk about your single 'Train' - I had a listen to it and I actually quite like it. I wasn't expecting to hear something so catchy and meaningful, so good job on that one! Who is the master behind the song? Is there a personal touch behind it?

Ash: It could be meaningful to anyone. it just mean that, whatever happens "you can be who you want to be". it doesn't matter if people don't like it, just stick to who you are. I hope thats what we will always do.
I wrote Train as a solo artist.

Dean: Locked in his room!!

Ash: Then our eldest brother saw one of my videos on youtube. (MrBlizzard101)haha little plug there! And told Dean.

Dean: Yeah, he rang me up while I was at work, and told me Ash was amazing. I couldn't believe it, as Ash didn't really talk much when he was younger.
I then, asked Ash if he wanted to start a band, with me and a mate from work. Then Ash suggested we played a song he wrote called Train.

Ryan: Then I was challenged to make the little guitar licks and the lead break, with that it all came together.

Dean: After a few practices playing it we decided to record it at a local home studio, and got some really good feedback from it.

So what is it about music that you love? What inspired you all to become musicians?

Dean: Me and Ash, were brought up watching our Dad and uncle playing in a band most of our lives. So it's in the blood really!

Ash: Even when we were in pushchairs, all the 3 of us brother's would be at Dad's gigs.

Ryan: My mum used to listen to a lot of heavy 80's rock. When I hit my teens, I discovered a blues guitarist called Stevie Ray Vaughan.
And another called Joe Satriani.

What is the next step for you guys? Have you got some more original music in the pipeline? Any gigs coming up?

Ash: At the moment there is 2 different Record labels interested in working with us. So if that kicks off then we will be focusing on that mostly.
Otherwise we will continue writing our own songs and looking for gigs.

Where would you like to be in say a year's time? Have you thought that far ahead?

Ryan: Hopefully be playing to bigger crowds and venues. Festivals etc.

Ash: At the moment were happy doing what were doing. Obviously we would like to play bigger venues. But every gig, big or small,
we enjoy. Were loving the feedback we get at the moment. We hope it carries on.

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why?

Ryan: Well the only chance you get to be famous nowadays is by reality shows like The Xfactor.

Dean: It's not the way we would like to go. I think we would rather be discovered by a label that will let us be who we want to be,
and let us play the music we want to play.

Well, I would like to say a big thankyou for talking to us today and a massive thankyou for sharing your video ' Train' with us too, I really enjoyed hearing it.

Ash: Thankyou for having us. Glad you enjoyed Train, hope everyone else likes it!

Good luck for the future!

If you want to hear more of The Methods music, then check out their profile at

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