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5 minutes with The Dave Vegas Project

"It can be the greatest and worst place to be, the music industry"

Today we welcome the Dave Vegas project into the interview room, welcome!

Firstly we will begin by having you introduce yourselves and by telling us what your role is within the band.

Dave Vegas - Songwriter, Lead guitar and vocals
Gemma McMillam - lead vocals
Drew Rose - Drums
Bernie - Bass
and the newest addition to the band Geoff Chalmers on second guitar.

So where are you based? Are you all from the same area? How did you meet?

We're all based in Northampton,

Gem and I (Dave) have been very close for a few years and have played a few acoustic guest slots in Northampton in the past - Now the band and the songwriting is very much based around the chemistry between the two of us - especially the live side of things.

Drew moved in to a shared house where my sister was living when i was about 4, so i've grown up with Drew around and we toured as a White Stripes- style 2 piece for 18 months before Gem and Bernie were announced in the line up.

Bernie and I have known each other for a few years, just around the local music scene, she has a long history in music and brings something different to the songs, espacially the arrangments side of things.

Both Drew and I have known Geoff for a few years, and we've done some session work with him in the past so when we were looking for a second guitarist, he was a very natural choice.

So what genre of music do you play? What known bands could we use as a guide as to what sounds you create?

We always find this a difficult question, which is quite nice, as nobody likes to be pigeon holed especially so early on in a career...

We like to create a kind of rough garage rock sound, but with a clear, distinctive blues undertone...

Local music press have been quick to compare us to 'Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club', 'Babyshambles', and 'The White Stripes'

What so far have been your career highlights?

Drew and I headlined last years Northamptonshire Balloon Festival as a two peice, which is quite a big deal in our home town and we also headlined at Islingtons famous Hope & Anchor venue. We also came third in MMG's battle of the bands out of 40 bands in our fist couple of gigs in 2009 which was a credit to the songs themselves. Local BBC introducing airtime helped us along quite a bit back in the day too, before we could afford to record anything! Also from a writers perspective, being published earlier this year for the charity 'Little Episodes' alongside Sadie Frost and Carl barat's sister Lucie, that was a highlight and an honour to be invited. (book available from

Do you have any plans for the near future? Up and coming gigs? Single releases?

We have quite a busy couple of months ahead of us, We are re-entering MMG's famous Battle of the Bands in August (12th @ Molly's Bar, N'pton)

As well as main stage slots at:

The Umbrella Fair, Northampton (13th August)

Northamptonshire Balloon Festival 2011 (20th August)

Properstock, Milton Keynes (21st August)

Then we have our debut single being released in September with 3 single launch parties!

Friday 2nd September @ The Watershed, MK

Sat 3rd September @ The Lamplighter, Northampton

Then the official launch party on Sat 10th September @ Hoxton Underbelly, London (tickets available from £6)

So as individuals, who were your inspirations in music.

My inspirations as a writer come mainly from The Libertines, The Stone Roses, Oscar Wilde and the old romantic poets. Musically anything from Pink Floyd to Hendrix to The Beta Band. The White Stripes play a heavy part in my guitar influences too! Bernie is influenced by the likes of The Fall, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, whilst Geoff has more classic rock influences along with Muse and The Foo Fighters. On the guitar side of things its the fusion of all these different influences that makes us unique and difficult to put a finger on the genre of music we create!

Gem: I'm influenced vocally largely by people like Skin, Ani Di Franco and more recently Florence.

Drew: The Prodigy is all I played to when I got my first dum kit and Led Zepplin - John Bohnam was simlpy the best there ever was. And then there's Slipknot...mad.. say no more!

For people who are nervous about stepping into the industry, what words of encouragement can you give?

Prepared to be skint! Haha.. It can be the greatest and worst place to be, the music industry! But for every real down there's three real highs so as long as there's talent, the songs and most inportantly the work ethic, it's great!

If people want to find out more regarding your music, where can they go to do so?

Or the best way to get the full experience, as with any live band... Get yourself down to a gig and come say hi!

Well thankyou very much for talking with us today, all the very best for the future.

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