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5 minutes with TenTwentySix

"Every single we've released has become more and more well received"

Hello guys, welcome to the Fit4Talent interview room.

Can you tell us how did you got together?

James: I was doing an acoustic set at a local gig, and I just asked the crowd if anyone wanted to be in a band, Matt, our bassist...

Matt: Hello!

James: *laughs* Matt said that he would be up for it, Josh lived over the road from me, and me and Drew used to jam together lots, so we all just pieced together like that really!

What do you think is your biggest achievement as a band since you got together?

James: You know, in my point of view, the biggest achievement, is having fans that like your music, care about, and share the same passions you do, I think that's the most rewarding thing, seeing them talk about it, like it, download it, all those things are a big achievement for me.

Matt: What about the McFly thing?

James: Oh yeah, currently we're in a competition to do a gig with McFly, it's so exciting because they've always been known as one of those key bands in the early 2000's area of UK pop-punk/pop-rock, and still to this day are huge, and like, wow, just being able to play with such a great act, just the thought of it is so exciting, so we just hope we get the chance, we need to be in the Top 50, which we currently are out of 860 bands, so that's just really exciting.

Besides that we've gigged up and down the country and made some great friends too, not to mention we've now got over 1'100 likes on Facebook

Who are some of your main musical influences?

James: I think it's safe to say, that we all have quite similar yet different musical influences, and I think that's what goes into making our sound, we like pop, punk, rock, metal, all those different types of things, personally I'd say my musical influences are bands like Hit The Lights, We Are The Union, Sum 41, Blink-182, Set The Pace, A Day To Remember, those sorts of bands I really enjoy

If you had the opportunity to support one of those bands, which would it be and why?

James: That's a toughie! They are all such good bands, I'd just love to support each and every one, they're all our idols, people who really made a difference and are changing the face of our genre today, just being able to meet those people would be a dream come true

Would you say that you all have a close relationship with each other?

James: Yeah, we all are like, pretty much, the best of friends, we have a laugh about everything, but when it comes down to gigs, we really do our best to kick out a perfect image of what we have to offer, we want people to hear us at our best and, hopefully, like us because of it

What are your biggest annoyances as a band?

James: You know, I'm not sure, What would you say Matt, Josh, Drew?

Matt: Errrr... hahaha!

Josh: I can't think of anything haha

Drew: Yeah, not much really

James: Honestly, not much annoys us, we're pretty calm people when it comes down to it, we just love playing music and making friends, and that's what it's all about, besides that, the only thing that annoys is when all the good chocolate bars at the shop have been sold

How do you feel about your up and coming EP?

James: Beyond excited, for me especially, I've been waiting so long for this day, and it's finally just around the corner. Once we've got this EP out there, we're just gonna go full pelt and hope that as many people as possible hear it, we're so excited and we hope our fans feel the same way we do, and share that same excitement!

What do you find the best thing about gigging?

James: Two things in my eyes, the little thing is the car journey to the gig, always the best of laughs and the best way to relax before playing

Secondly, and most importantly, just, the thrill, the feeling you get of playing; up on stage with your mates, having fun, fans getting excited and getting heard, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

How do you think your fans received your previous singles?

James: It's really gone from strength to strength with each release, every single we've released has become more and more well received, more noted, and more liked and loved by our fans. Since I Love You we've recorded every single we've released at home and our knowledge of home recording has really grown too, we recently released what we expect to be our last home recording for a while, "Never Gonna Be The Same", We uploaded it to YouTube about 5/6 days ago and it's already nearing 1'000 views!

What can we look forward to in the future?

James: gigs, EP's, gigs, albums, I'd imagine that's the route it will follow. Our plan with each release is to get it out there as much as possible, and return to gigging because it's just such a love for us, I guess we're just planning to try and really deliver the best we can to our fans.

Where would you like to be in 5 years' time?

James: 5 years time, wow, I'm pretty sure most musicians say something along these lines, but having a big fan base attending our shows, singing our songs, big stages, big venues, the usual really. One personal dream of mine has always been to go on the "Warped Tour" which is an American tour with loads of totally awesome bands on it.

Any last words for the fans?

James: Well the fans are everything, and I hope they know that, each and everyone of you, without them, we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't be making music, I don't know how I'd live without music, it's really my life, as is the band, I think its safe to say the band is all our heart and soul, and the fans are there to power that heart and soul, and share the heart and soul with us! I'm not usually one for using fancy long endings like that, but I felt it was needed.

Matt: Hahaahahah!

James: So basically, thank you for being the best, awesomest fan base anyone could ask for, I hope you guys and girls stick with us till the end!

Interview by Robyn Lees

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