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5 minutes with Sylar Magic

"I'd love to be the first magician to perform on Mars"

Today we welcome into the interview room, Magician "Sylar Magic".

So Sylar, tell me more about the show reel you've just submitted to Britain's Got Talent

It was actually a last minute thing, BGT e-mailed me and I had a week, we worked on it all week and uploaded it just before 12. True story.

What made you decide to apply to be on BGT?

As a magician I like to show off so BGT was the perfect opportunity

Can you tell me more about your act?

I don't think I have an act yet; I like performing illusions, close up and mentalism so I just combine them all the time and change my act constantly.

So how did you get into magic?

About 4 years ago I was watching David Blaine's videos, I loved how he made people feel and I wanted that, I started learning as much as I could straight away.

What sort of magic do you enjoy performing?

Mind Magic and Visual Magic, I think it's the perfect combination.

What would you say you enjoy most about being a magic performer?

The feeling I get when I make someone forget about reality, there's nothing like it.

Your website has almost 9000 hits, how does it feel?

I'm glad that so many people appreciate my work.

I noticed you do a page called SylarTV, what's that about?

Well people now don't really have an image of a magician anymore, so I wanted to give people a rough idea of what kind of magic I perform. I started filming everything an uploaded one episode a week for 2 months, people liked it and now I'm working on season 2 but it will be called SylarMagic and it will only be 2 minutes per episode.

I hear you are Romanian, what made you decide to come to England?

I wanted a bigger audience and England was the ideal choice.

Where would you say is your dream place to perform?

I'd love to be the first magician to perform on Mars but if that can't happen definitely Las Vegas

Are there any specific acts you would like to perform with?

I like to incorporate music in my magic so you will see o combination of the two in the future.

Any last words for your fans?

Vote for me if I get through to Britain's Got Talent this year.

Interview by Robyn Lees

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