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5 minutes with Silent Jack

"We're exactly the same as everyone else. Just better looking"

Having speaking to you prior to the interview, I can tell we are dealing with some real characters today, so, I'll let you introduce yourselves in your own unique way.

Well we're Silent Jack. Hard rock from the heart of the midlands, and the home of heavy metal. We try to balance out our sleazy sound of balls out rock n roll with some smooth jazz based progressions. But it doesn't work. So we stick to the sex, drugs n rock'n'roll approach. It works for us.

Fit4Talent looks to support unsigned talent meaning we need to promote unsigned unique talent, what is it about YOU that makes you different from the rest?

Well, for a start we're not. We're exactly the same as everyone else. Just better looking... And we don't do all the stuff that kids seem to go for nowadays. No YouMeAtSix covers for us thank you! Almost 99% of the gigs we play consist of floppy fringed scene kids playing pop/rock and it feels like the love for rock n roll has sorta died. So I guess that does make us different. We have a fresh approach to the music. And it's all brand new. Even if it does sound a bit like 1986 all over again...

If you could change one thing about the current Music Industry scene, what would you change and why?

We'd have to change the way that it works. Right now it's really hard to find places to play. And there are promoters out there who don't actually promote. Which is a little odd considering the title. To actively turn bands away when they've been unable to find a significant audience is rather harsh. Obviously there are two sides of the coin, and promoters have to cover costs, so it's a double edged sword, but it can be demoralizing.

It's very competitive at the moment, though. So much talent out there just looking to get found.

Who is laziest member of the band, how do you deal with the laziness?

Our band lineup has changed quite a bit in the past and the laziest members have changed and shifted, But the current holder of the laziest member award would be a Mr Sam Paget (bassist), Where to start......, We are talking about guy after a practice leaves hes shoes in the road due to not wanting to carry them home, He seems to turn up half asleep to our gigs without a clue whats going on, nor does he seem to care. We usually have to shift his gear around for him but that being said he is the best bass player we have had in our line up so and that's why we put up with him !

Have you got any gigs coming up? If so, where can people find information about you and your gigs?

Yes we do !, You can find all information about the whereabouts of our gigs all over the internet, But the main sites to check out would be our myspace "", And our Facebook page "", All information, dates and current recordings are available from these links !

If you could choose to headline any gig in the world, which would it be and why?

We had a brief chat about this the other day, About where we would love to headline if we could, And of-course it would be the big one which is Donnington (download festival), I think that is the dream of all rock bands our there ! Our rhythm guitar player Lomas said that he would want our own headline gig at either Madison Square Garden or Wembley Stadium.

Finally, what advice could you give to other UpAndComing bands who maybe don't have as much experience as you?

Don't give up. Ever. If it's something you really want, you gotta put your heart and soul into it. At the end of the day, you'll either make it, or you'll fail. But if you only put in 50% effort, then you got half the chance of actually doing what you want to do...

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