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5 minutes with Emma Louise Wilkinson

"I enjoy getting lost in what I am singing"

Today we welcome into the interview room Emma Louise Wilkinson.

So Emma, tell me more about yourself. I hear you're a singer and actress.

That's right - though only amateur at the moment :) I currently live in Berkshire originally from Yorkshire. I like performing, reading, writing, using Facebook/twitter, shopping and bowling.

What attracted you to performing in the first place?
I have always loved singing and pretending to be other people from a very small age and I've always loved performing in front of people. It all started when my teacher asked me if I would like to play 'mother' in a short song/drama piece they wanted to put on for assembly so parents could come and watch. I ended up 'getting lost in the crowd' and not being able to reach my 'son' in time. I remember I had to wear curlers in my hair.

So what have you been in? Thoughts on these roles?
I was an extra in a feature film called "The Sweet Shop" as a schoolgirl - but, reasons unknown to me, they never released it. Gemma Atkinson (who played Lisa in Hollyoaks) was in it. I was also in a production called "The Princess Who Stole Christmas" which was run by Millennium Volunteers. I played the older Princess. Apart from that, just school and college things really. I really enjoyed being an extra. Not just because it was filmed close to where I live but because it was a great experience. I didn't really like hanging around for hours waiting to be called to do the scene as I can get bored very easily and need to be doing something. It was a long but enjoyable day and it also gave me my first taste of acting in front of proper cameras and real directors shouting action and pointing you in the right place.

Tell me more about your early career, in school and college.
When I was little I had minor parts in the Christmas plays - I played a postman in Cinderella in year 6. My part in year 5 was so brief I have forgotten what the play actually was :) I was also narrator number 8 in the nativity as well as singing with everyone else. We did bits and pieces for school assemblies too.
The only thing I did at secondary school was mainstream drama - year 7-9 and the Summer/Christmas choirs (also year 7-9). For College, I was in Teen Issues (as myself), Peter Pan as a pirate and Heartbreak Beautiful as Amber.

What do you enjoy most about performing publicly?
Getting the chance to perform to an audience and pretending to be someone else for an hour or two. From a singing point of view, I enjoy getting lost in what I am singing. Also, whenever I am singing and I get a really good reaction from the audience, I feel happy to know they're enjoying it. I get very nervous before a performance and sometimes it shows but once I'm out there, I just go for it.

There are a lot of performers out there, what would you say are your unique traits?
I'm not sure I have that many but I very rarely forget my lines or other peoples :)

I hear you are also a caregiver for your mother, do you find that has any impact on your performances? (E.g. how you play a role, time for rehearsing etc.)
I look after mum 35 hours a week. It doesn't affect me at the moment because I'm not actually in anything but if I were to accept a role then mum knows she would have to get a carer in. If I were acting in anything at the moment it would have a bit of an impact because as well as looking after mum and doing the housework/shopping etc., I'd have to find time to learn my lines and time to rehearse. If it was only a small part and took a few days to complete filming then it wouldn't really be a problem for me as I wouldn't have to relocate or anything like that, and I would still be able to care for mum after filming had finished except if it was a proper role in a soap or something that was going to be long term it would be a different story.

What would your dream role be and in what (stage, film, tv etc.)?
On stage, it would have to be Nancy in Oliver or TV, I would love to play a mysterious blonde - on one of the soaps - with a connection to one of the characters or a ruly schoolgirl on Waterloo road. Playing a patient or the bossy sister/mum/girlfriend with her own secret in Casualty would be great too. There are so many programmes I've dreamed of being in....Misfits is good too. In film, my dream role/character would be someone who's getting married then finds out her fiance is a murderer and starts an affair with his best mate.

You seem quite optimistic, what are your hopes for the future?
Aww thanks :) Realistically I hope to have children, move back up north and get my passport sorted so I can visit Australia - I've always wanted to visit there - I'm scared of heights and flying though :(

Do you currently have any plans for your future career?
I would like to make it onto TV/film/stage within the next couple of years. I will still be looking after mum - unless I move back up north :)

Thanks for taking the time to do an interview, before you go, do you have any last words for the fans?
You're welcome, thanks for interviewing me. I'd just like to say hello, hope everyone's well and thanks for reading this. Take care

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