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5 minutes with Sahara

"I started singing when I was about 5 years old"

Today we welcome into the Fit4Talent interview room Sahara, welcome!

Thanks so much for having me

How are you today Sahara?

Not too bad thanks...

Great, well let's get started, firstly, start by telling our readers how you got into music.

I started singing when I was about 5 years old, even back then I took an interest in the correct pitch and key when singing along with the radio. When I was 13 I wrote my first song, with the help of my father and his acoustic guitar. A few years later I started performing around Harare at fashion shows and pageants, I held a residency at a restaurant and also at one of the top hotels in Harare singing Jazz standards and other classics as part of a duo (with a fantastic pianist called Chris). I entered a few competitions, placed second in a really large one, and started recording original material... then I came to the UK, put it aside for a bit while I got on with other things life threw at me, before returning to it in 2006 by writing a song entitled "Nostalgia".

I have listened to your voice and I must say I was quite impressed, did you ever take lessons or is it just a natural sound you produce?

I had about 4 lessons with Zimbabwe's best opera singer Lorna Kelly, but I couldnt afford to continue. Then later I had a couple of lessons with Helen Cannell here in the UK, but again couldnt continue cause lessons are so expensive. So I guess you could say its a natural sound.

So are you gigging? Do you have any gigs coming up that you can tell us about?

I am gigging at the moment as part of a party/function covers band called "The Catch", we go out as that and also two other acts (Hitsville and Boogie Wonderband) so are quite busy out on the road most weekends. We're going to be at Wilton Hall in Bletchley on 14/15 October, and then again for the whole of December - those gigs are open to the public, and tickets available from the Wilton Hall website.

Well, aside from this, I hear you are starting something off in Milton Keynes, a modelling competition? Tell us more.

I love pageantry - I just love the stage actually so I arrange pageants to provide the opportunity for other ladies & gents who love it, but mostly to satisfy the bossy-busy-body side of me

I am currently arranging Model of the Year (Milton Keynes heat) and I actually run another pageant - Miss African Spirit pageant - which has been running for 3 years now. I've taken on the franchise for Model of the Year which is a national competition, and will be hosting the first annual Milton Keynes heat at the start of November.

So if somebody wants to get involved, how do they go about doing so?

They can enter online via our website The entry form is on that page. Or if they first need to find out more about it - they can visit both the website or our Facebook page :

How will the girls be judged and who will be judging?

The girls will be judged in 3 rounds, based on their catwalk skills. This includes presence, confidence, poise, self presentation, fashion/style etc. To participate in Milton Keynes Model of the Year competition contestants must be aged 18 - 35 this November 2011. Milton Keynes Model of the Year finalists will compete in Swim wear, Club wear, Sports wear and Evening wear rounds and will also be interviewed for our judges as well. To participate in Milton Keynes Teen Model of the Year competition contestants must be aged 13 - 17 this November 2011. Milton Keynes Teen Model of the Year finalists will compete in Casual wear, Club wear, Sports wear and Evening wear rounds and will also be interviewed for our judges as well. There are no Swim wear rounds in the teen competition and the Club wear round will feature outfits such as party dresses.

So far I have confirmed two judges who are Jayne Taylor (the current Mrs Universe UK and holder of several titles) and Sarah Ayor Chuot (International Model who is currently with agencies in London, Perth, Sydney, South Africa and New York). I am awaiting confirmation from other judges such as models, pageant queens and and also local business people.

Well it all sounds good to me, finally, you have had your highs and lows in the industry, with doing gigs and putting the music to sleep for a while, what advice do you give to someone who isn't sure which way to turn?

I took a break from music at a time when I thought that music was only a small part of me. It was only when I realised that it is THE biggest part of me, then it became clear that I could not just ignore the song in my heart. There are so many things that can take you off your path. This world is changing daily and with new technology such as the internet, social networking etc... its possible to reach far and wide from within your own home. When you're lost and you dont know which way to turn, take some time to look within. Take time to rest... breathe, find silence and peace... be you... take time to FIND you... then you will know the way to go. I think self belief is paramount. Each day you have to wake up and decide what you are going to do to make moves in the direction of where you want to be. Small steps, daily work is important.

Sahara, thankyou very much for talking to us and we look forward to supporting your modelling event in Milton Keynes.

Well thankyou very much for talking with us today, it's been great.

To find out more about Sahara visit her profile here

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