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5 minutes with Rob Hoey

"You have to just be bold and don't look back"

Today we welcome into the Fit4Talent Interview room none other than Rob Hoey!

Hi Rob!
Hi there

Let's start off with you telling our readers a bit about yourself, what is it you do and how did you first get into it?

Well, lets see. I started out with in about 98 when I studied performing arts in Stratford-Upon-Avon which is where I met my comedy cohort Mr Matt Bell. We took a show to Edinburgh in 2000 and then went off to explore some different avenues (him camera work and me music) which were successful in their own rights we were still performing but there was a niggling want in the back of my mind which was always comedy. In roughly 2007 we re-united and made a show-reel of us performing characters on a dating style video. From there we met up with a director (Howard Cohen) who created a company called 'The Jelly Moustache' and from there we had a show on SKY shorts on the digital channel of the same name. The next step for us (now we had the filmed comedy being produced at a good rate) was a live show so we put together GCSE DRAMA: the touring comedy show which we still do to this day and have performed many sold out shows across London.

Great, So Rob, if you were to give some advice to an upandcoming comedian who doesn't know where to begin, what advice would you give them?

My best advice is WRITE and keep going. Whenever you get the chance to perform your material do it even if it means a painstaking 10 minutes or so with no one really "getting" you. The most important steps in comedy are the first ones, you have to just be bold and don't look back. If you are writing comedy however weird, dark or surreal you will find an audience... eventually.

In your career so far what would you say your highlight has been?

Well there have been a few. Working with David Walliams was great fun!. The sold out live shows and having people take you being silly seriously is an amazing feeling. We also had a great youtube hit called Dr Hooey (see what I did there) which was a take on a foreign version of Dr Who which we had 150,000 hits in one week where we put it up for it's test run.
I suppose the highlight really is that I get to create with people I love working with and get to share it with others.

Looking to the future, say 5 years time, where can you see yourself being? Of course with a lot of hard work and commitment.

We are currently working with Shed Media on a new pilot for a sketch show which they will pitch for us to channels (I.e channel 4, BBC3 etc etc). All the filming has just been completed and we are in post production stages. I think I'd like something to take off in the future along those lines and maybe put a sitcom together in the vein of Spaced, Garth Marenghi, Human Remains. We will be working hard to do so, KEEP THOSE EYES PEELED!

If you could perform alongside anyone in the world on any stage in the world, who would it be, where would it be and why?

Now that is quite a question, I'd have to say (even though they are sadly not with us) Spike Milligan , Tony Hancock or Ronnie Barker for something more my style. Or in the newer world of comedy maybe Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon or Tim and Eric. There is just something so brilliant about each of those people for very different reasons but I think the overall one is that they are all not just great comics but amazing actors too, able to bring pathos to their comedy which makes you care about them. All of those guys have had a profound influence on me.

And finally, if people want to find out more about you and what you do, how can they go about doing so?

There is my site of course which will tell you all about upcoming shows, Tours, Tv and News. And get in touch through the site and have a chat... that'll be nice too. Also check out Rob Hoey (comedian) on FB.

Thankyou very much for talking to us today, good luck in everything you go for, I am sure you will go far!

No! thank you.

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