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5 minutes with Rhimes Lecointe

"Learning is key! Never ever think there isn't anything else to learn!"

Today we welcome someone very special into the Fit4Talent Interview Room, its none other than the star of Street Dance 3D Rhimes Lecointe.

Rhimes, welcome and thankyou for speaking with us today.

Let's start off by letting you introduce yourself to our readers, tell us a bit about how long you have been dancing for and how you first got into it.

Hey everyone! I'm Rhimes Lecointe 'Justine' from Street Dance 3D, 'Rap-on-zel' from Into the Hoods!

I've been dancing a little over 10years but seriously about 6 years. I started just at school wig friends and then was asked to audition for a group called 'tricz' by Kenrick Sandy, founder of Boy Blue Entertainment. I have now been in Boy Blue for 10 years. I'm the artistic director for Boadicea.

So Dancing is quite clearly your life, when did you first realise that you wanted to take dancing forward as a fulltime career? Was there one single moment where something made you think, YES, this is what I want?

I don't really remember there being a single moment in my life.. My dad likes to remind me of being 3 and telling everyone at a party that I was going to be a dancer!!

I think as I've grown and matured I've begun to see what I can really do with it and the love just keeps growing!

Well so far in your career, You have many positives to look take with you on this journey, which has been your highlight so far?

Well.. I would have to say doing a movie that went to number one in the country was a pretty big highlight. But there are so many things that I'm so grateful for, they have all added to his journey.

Being a part of a Massive film like Street Dance 3D must of been a great experience for you, tell our readers how it felt when you found out you were going to be in the film?

I remember the morning I got called because it was a time that was going so bad for me.. I remember being a little upset and getting the phone and crying my eyes out. Not just because I got the part but because it was like God was saying everything is going to be just fine! I was over the moon.

We like to touch on the negative side to working in the industry to give our readers an insight to how tough it can be. So can you tell us, when you yourself face problems that get in the way of your dancing, how do you deal with the situation? Do you find it hard to stay focused to the task in hand or have you taught yourself ways to deal with negativity?

I've had to definitely teach myself how to deal with it along the way. You will get put down and I'm so grateful for those moments! It's about knowing yourself and believing in yourself! If you don't, be industry will eat you alive!

You come against all types of people! Fake! But I have also made some amazing friends. It took me a while to see the truth out there!

If you could give some advice to young dancers looking to take their first step into the dance world, what advice can you give them?

I would say take your time... It's not a race. So many dancers don't reach there potential because they think they know it all and just want to get out there! Learning is key! And never ever think that there isn't anything else to learn!

Don't be copy be an individual!

How important do you think it is to have a solid foundation of support around you from your friends and family in order to make it in the industry?

Well it helps to have family and friends supporting you of course! It's hard when your a teenager trying to make a decision about your career. Most parents don't know what being a dancer is. Like myself at a certain point you will have to prove it will work. I glad I'm strong headed like my parents I may have not made it!

Have you made any mistakes in your career that you can share with us? Were the mistakes a massive learning curve for you?

I don't think that I have made mistakes! There are things that I could have done better! But everything l've been through have got me to this point and the bad things may not have been understandable at the time but they got me here.

What would you say is your proudest moment so far?

One of the Proudest is seeing Boy Blue get to 10years.. That was an amazing feeling.

Thank you VERY much for talking with us, we very much hope that your success continues, you're a great inspiration and your hard work really has paid off, a great role model for any budding talents with big dreams.

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