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5 minutes with Nikki Brightman of Lecarla

"We absolutely love what we are doing and hope that you guys will too!"

Hailing from the "Concrete Jungle" of Milton Keynes, Lecarla are set to do big things in 2011. With confirmed tours covering the length and breadth of the UK and their latest singles doing great things on Kerrang and Scuzz they are certainly a band to watch out for. Combining melodic yet haunting vocals with hooks that will dig deep under your skin they have an immediately accessible sound tunes you are almost guaranteed to be humming their tunes for days. Winners of a number of accolades and competitions last year I caught up with bassist, Nikki Brightman to see what's new in Lecarla's Armoury and what plans they have for the remainder of 2011.

Hi Nikki and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat! First off could you introduce the band to our readers and tell us how you got together?

Lecarla are a 5 piece female fronted band consisting of Lizzy Dent on lead vocals, Nikki Brightman on bass and backing vox, Stevie Shepperson on Rhythm Guitar and backing vox, Joe Alfano on lead guitar and backing vox and Steve North on drums and screams. We hail from Milton Keynes and have been together about 2 years. We absolutely love what we are doing and hope that you guys will too!

Lecarla is an interesting name. Where did it come from?

It comes from an experience that some of our members had whilst in a previous band. They got stuck up in Glasgow when their van broke down and got towed to dodgy garage where they started work without permission. With no food, money or way of getting home an extremely nice pub owning couple put them up for 2 nights at the pub and gave them food, drink and advice on the garage. That pub was called Le Cala and that is where the name is from.

Your sound is very accessible and full of energy, drive and little details that make it stand out from the crowd. What are the main influences that led Lecarla to develop its sound?

We are all so different and influenced by so many different types of music ranging from Rage Against The Machine, Funeral For A Friend, Lost Prophets, and Fightstar all the way to Sub Focus and Slipknot! So we like to think that we are catering for everybody's needs when we release a song and just have so much fun performing them. I think that if the band looks like their enjoying it then the audience will too.

2010 was a huge year for the band, with appearances at major festivals, the video for D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. being in the top 40 most request videos on Scuzz TV and winning the JAR Music "International Breakout Band" Competition and the opportunity to headline to a 10,000 strong crowd in the Maldives. What would you say was the highlight of 2010 for Lecarla?

Defiantly flying to the Maldives as a band to perform; it was incredible! The whole experience of being out there as a band was amazing, from rehearsing to performing and just being on those beaches together, all expenses paid for was a dream come true! So much fun, we even whipped out some Lecarla karaoke performances lol!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! So what are the bands' favourite Karaoke tracks?

Well, I don't know about favourite karaoke tracks but just for jokes we participated in Barbie Girl, Genie In A Bottle, I'm Just A Girl and Wannabe! It's good not to take yourself too seriously. There are some sneaky clips up on YouTube in our Maldives footage. Joe is hilarious; check it out!

And how are you going to top that this year? What is in store for the ever expanding ranks of the "Lecarla Army" in 2011?

Well this year has really been about taking the next few steps needed to take Lecarla to "The Next Level". We have been taking part in and arranging bigger tours and really concentrating on writing an album which we hope to release early next year.

Where can people find out more about the band or listen to your music?

All of our music is available for download on iTunes. You can find out more about the band by joining our page on Facebook. We have a Myspace, Twitter and website. If you simply search for Lecarla on Google, we are the first thing that comes up.

And finally, you recently played alongside boy-band has-beens "Blue". How did that come about and what on earth did their fans make of your high-octane, head-banging live show?

Ha ha! It was all in the name of charity. We were both booked simply to make Armed Forces Day as big of a success as possible and although we are completely different, I think that we audience had a great time during both performances. We all had a brilliant day, loads of fun and 9,000 attending which was amazing! Maybe next year we will be booked with Westlife? You never know in this business.

Thank you for taking the time to interview Lecarla, We hope that this has been a nice insight into the day to day lives of the band and look forward to the next time.

Find out more about Lecarla at;

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