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5 minutes with Nathan Wyburn

"My favourite has to be the Simon Cowell on toast with Marmite"

Nathan, welcome, thankyou for talking with us today, how are you doing?

Hello, Thanks for having me! I am very well thank you!

Good to hear, well, let's start off, what IS your talent?

I am an Artist who uses everyday materials such as food products, candles, soil, snow, anything to create celebrity portraits.

Art is an impressive talent, the skill involved and the attention to detail is incredible. When did you first realise you had such high ability in art?

I've known since as far back as I can remember, all the way through school. I'd always win the Art awards & competitions, so i furthered studying it throughout college and I am currently in my 3rd year at Univeristy of Wales Institute Cardiff doing BA HONS Fine Art.

You made your big break on a certain TV programme that goes by the name of Britain's Got Talent. You brought to the show something unique, you did art on Toast. Where did the idea to paint art on Toast come from?

I was getting recognition for a little while before I auditioned for BGT. I record myself creating my artwork in time lapse form and upload them to my channel. From that I appeared on ITV news, Blue Peter, 4Music and in various national newspapers for my work. I was genuinely nervous about BGT. I was'nt sure how the time scale would work or how It was be interesting as an on stage act. To hear the crowd cheering and to receive 4 ye's from the judges and make it as far as the semi final was great. The inspiration for my toast & Marmite pieces came from when I read that you either "love or hate" Simon Cowell. Which spurred the idea for the Marmite and then what better to spread it on than toast?

How has the show affected you as a person and your career as a whole? Was it a life changing experience?

The show gave me a huge confidence boost. I've always suffered with nerves but after the whole experience I've loosened up a bit. I've got so much work since the show and met some amazing people. I've got to appear on shows such as Lorraine, Daybreak and 4Music's Pop Up Pop Quiz. As well as exhibit my work in galleries, attend and create work at various events and festivals.

So far, what has been your favourite piece of art completed?

My favourite piece has to be the original Simon Cowell on toast with Marmite. Its the one that started this rollercoaster and if I had to choose a 2nd fave it would be my newest piece Lord Alan Sugar with Sugar.

You have conquered toast, do you have any other unique ideas in the pipeline that you can reveal to us?

I have many new ideas which I will be creating soon! I have already worked with chocolate, curry paste, ketchup, candles, snow, soil, salt and many more.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

There are talks about a potential Art book around new year, which would be wicked. Also more new ideas for my Youtube videos, more food festivals etc. Hopefully I'll pass my degree, and then the dream is my own Art show similar to Art Attack! Good fun creative entertainment!

With being on TV brings recognition, especially in your hometown, how have you dealt with being recognised? Do you like receiving the attention? Can it become frustrating?

I find it very strange, its scary and comforting at the same time, surreal. I don't ever get frustrated, my friends often ask me that. For example being turned around in a night club by someone wanting a photo with you etc when I'm trying to socialise with friends... it doesn't bother me because without people appreciating my work, there's no career.

If people want to find out more about you and what you do, where do they go to do so?

They can subscribe to my channel! Follow me on or "like" my Facebook page "Nathan Wyburn Art". All of which post updates on almost daily.

I hope all goes well for you in the future and I that things keep getting better and better for you.

Keep up the good work and again, thankyou for talking with us.

No problem, thank you very much!

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