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5 minutes with Lou Minion

"I'm just going to keep on writing and gigging as often as possible"

Today we welcome Lou into the Interview room, a singer songwriter from Derbyshire.

Hi Lou, how are you today?

I'm great thanks!

Good to hear, well, it's been a busy weekend for you hasn't it! Tell us a little bit about what you have been up to this weekend.

Well, I've been gigging around Wirksworth, playing a few covers for the folk round here, it's been great!

I came across you at the event and I must say Wirksworth definitely knows how to put on a bit of a show!

Definitely, there's been such an eclectic mix of Music across the town this weekend. It's been an amazing weekend, such a great atmosphere. I must thank the people who saw me perform, they were so open to what I played, which I'm grateful for. I loved the venues I played in as well, they were all pretty intimate, which I liked, there was more of a relaxed a atmosphere.

So more about you, how long have you been playing the guitar, writing and performing?

Well I started taking lessons when I was 11, so I'll have been playing 4 years now. But I've only very recently bought my own acoustic, and that's opened up a whole new world for me both in the way I play and the way I write music. I also play Drums, Bass and Ukulele, and I'd hope to apply that to my music one day. I've only just started out as a Singer/Songwriter in the past few months, so I haven't got too much experience playing solo, however I've played in bands before. I guess it was just nice to play what I want to play and not have anyone to rely on really.

What first drew you to music? Has it always been in your blood or did something inspire you?

I was first exposed to music by my parents, who introduced me to a lot of 60s musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Bob Dylan. I then started to listen to what my older brother would listen to, and got quite heavily into indie-rock bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Courteeners and The Stone Roses. But my taste in music is always growing more diverse!

What is the plan for the near future with your music? Your currently doing your GCSE's so will you focus on your education and then focus more after your exams are finished? Or have you not thought that far forward yet?

Yeah, I've had a think about that. I think I'm just going to keep on writing and gigging as often as possible really, luckily I break up just before festival season so I'll have time to fine tune my music ready for the summer. I know my GCSEs are more important than music for most kids my age, but it's something I'm really passionate about so I just need to keep at it really and hope one or two people enjoy my music!

If you could choose to perform on any stage right now, where would it be and why?

Ah, I think I'd go for Salford Lads Club in Salford. It's seen some amazing bands and artists play there such as The Smiths and Liam Fray, and it has such an amazing history.

Have you started writing your own music yet? Do you have plans for any new material?

Yes, I'm in the process of finishing off two songs for a demo which will be recorded in the very near future. I'm always writing new music

What is your ultimate goal?

It'd have to be performing with Alex Turner. That'd be mind blowing. Either that or just generally touring and being paid to play!

Well it has been great talking to you today Lou, you are clearly a very talented young man with a bright future. Keep up the good work and all the very best for what is to come.

Cheers, it's been my pleasure!

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