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5 minutes with Imp

"If there was no Hendrix, Page or Cobain I would be probably a rapper"

To start off please introduce who you are as a band and tell us a bit about where you are all from

We are Imp from Belisce,Croatia.

When did the band first get together officially, and how did you all meet?

Imp got together in novemeber 24th 2004 in Belisce. We were all long time friends before the band and stayed friends with most of the members who had to find their way outside the band.

Your music is very different to anything mainstream, what genre would you say you fit into?

Honestly we don't think that we play something so different.Grunge/Seattle scene has a big influence on our music and it was mainstream 15-20 years ago. We are 3-pieced band and each member has so many infulences, for an example

(Kyuss,Clutch,Opeth,Portishead,Masive Attack, Tool,Led Zeppelin,Jethro Tull,Jimmy Hendrix etc.) so we use all that music for inspiration to play our own. It may not sound like that but if there was no Hendrix,Page or Cobain i would be probably a rapper today.I would say that we are grunge/stoner band.

If you could choose any Gig to perform at in the world, where would it be and who would be your perfect support band?

Duna jam festival.The vibe on that festival is just pure magic.Never get to chance to be there but i have seen some videos and i was amazed.Supportnig us?Never thought of that...

I understand you do all of your own marketing/promotion, what advice can you give people when it comes to gaining maximum exposure for your band?

Well to be shure I don't know...we never had a thing like big media exposure or anything like that. I guess you got to have something to offer (music would be nice),a lots of good friends or lots of money :) Both things are hard to achieve.

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