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5 minutes with House Party Massacre

"People got on the stage and started dancing with us"

Today we welcome into the Interview room, top band "House Party Massacre".

So, how does it feel to have just released your EP?

It feels really good. It's nice to have something out there, and it's great that it's on iTunes. It makes the band feel a lot more professional; we take it more seriously now and everything we do, we try and present a positive image of HPM. It's also great because we can get feedback on our tunes, which means we can improve certain aspects. All in all it's a great feeling to have something out there.

What did you think was the strongest element to your EP?

I think even though it was our first attempt at an EP, we managed to fit a lot of our diverse influences into the tunes on there. 'Lonely Row' is quite metal driven in the verse and has a really 'punky' chorus; those are our two main influences. I think for a first attempt we managed to balance them reasonably well, in the sense that I don't think you could give the EP one genre when talking about it.

How would you say the fans have received it?

"New Breed is an amazing EP from House Party Massacre, and really shows how they've progressed from a small band playing local gigs into an excellent studio band. The EP doesn't have a bad song on it and is a really enjoyable listen from start to finish." - Steven Cox, fan.

Generally positive reception, it's had bad and good reviews but most of our friends are happy with it and that's really important to us (making music which we enjoy playing and people enjoy listening to, not only live).

What were the best things, you thought, about recording it?

Being able to listen to our songs on a computer instead of playing them to each other was crazy, especially as it was our first EP. We'd hear the tune back from the producer and it would just be awesome, I felt like we could be played on the radio now; it was a great feeling. I'm of a quite creative nature so I really liked adding little things into the tracks once we had laid down all the basic parts.

Did you encounter any problems whilst recording/releasing the EP?

Recording - It was sometimes stressful when people were having trouble laying down their parts, You just want to get the tracks done and out there and it's the most minor thing like missing one high hat hit or playing a note with less strength the last.

Releasing - It took ages to get onto iTunes because of some technical difficulties with the company we used.

How did you find promoting it?

Easy, most of our fans were really excited that we were going to have a cd and that it would be available on iTunes our first physical artistic contribution to this world. Our fans are mainly personal friends and of course they were super supportive.

Do you have any future plans to promote the EP such as a tour, release party etc?

We had a release weekend at the Zenith Bar in Islington. We headlined on both Friday and Saturday, it was crazy. Saturday was probably the best gig we've ever played, people got on the stage and started dancing with us, and I thought the stage was going to collapse. The weekend went down really well with about 80 people on the Friday and around 100 on the Saturday.

So how did you guys get together?

Four of us met at secondary school in Chelsea, me (John), Rocco, Fil and Seb at St Thomas More Language College, it started out as a school rock band with our music teacher being largely involved with only me and Rocco and members who left. It died out and me and Rocco started it up again with Fil on bass and Seb on drums. This time mainly without teachers involvement other than listening to us and giving us a couple pointers every now and then, more like a band attending and rehearsing in a school. Dom our bassist has been my best friend from a very young age and when he heard I was in a band he was really supportive, he didn't go to our school but was keen to get involved. He was first our manager and then moved in on bass only a couple of months ago. Fil became our rhythm guitarist as he was a natural guitarist.

Who are some of your main musical influences?

Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a down, The Clash, Avenged Sevenfold

If you could play with one of those bands, which would it be and why?

It would really depend on the band member, for me it would be Nirvana just because to share a stage with Cobain would be amazing.

What can we look forward to in the future?

We'll just keep working hard, getting better and better ,the new material we're currently working on is really good we're really proud of it. Each new song we start we try to make our best yet and we're hard workers. We want to have another EP our before 2012 spring and will be gigging like crazy as usual!

Where would you like to be in 5 years' time?

Touring America.

Any last words for the fans?

Keep coming to gigs we'll be playing new material. We really appreciate what you've enabled us to do so far with your great support

Interview by Robyn Lees.

Photos by CR Photography

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