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5 minutes with Grim Dylan

"We want to be heard, we want to carry on playing for as long as we can"

Grim Dylan's EP was one of the first discs we reviewed here at and we loved their DIY-take on Riot Grrl rock. Having been on the road recently they are now back home in sleepy Derbyshire, but one thing's for sure; these girls aren't resting on their laurels. We spent a few minutes with their guitarist, Vicky to find out more...

Hi Vicky! How's things?

Very good thanks!

Tell us a bit about the band for those that don't know you already.

We are a grunge/riot grrrl/DIY band from Derbyshire, UK. There's Suki on bass and vocals, Ro on drums and me on guitar.

How on earth did you come up with that name, especially considering you're all of the "fairer sex"?

"Considering we're all of the fairer sex?" What's that got to do with anything? It's just a band name dude, we got it from a tramp, does the job, people remember it, no one else has it, seemed like a good idea at the time then when people started getting it tattooed on them we kinda realised we have to stay Grim Dylan forever, but we're cool with that. haha

What have Grim Dylan been up to recently?

Been up to loads, tour started in August when we headlined the purple turtle in London - we were joined by healthy junkies that night and they were awesome as well as Black Nazarene and Her who we toured with. Black Nazarene are from London and Her are from Italy, they're both all girl bands like us and we had our friend Steve driving us and letting us crash at his house. It was really cool, we played a different city every night, played with some other ace bands, met a lot of fans, really sad it's over now. There's tour video diaries on YouTube now!

More recently we've been writing our album, sorting more gigs for next year and have a lot in the works, exciting things happening for us!

Me and Suki also had a last minute gig on Saturday in London, we played the O2 Academy with the Indecent and Stella Marconi. We've been talking to them for a while on Facebook and their producer contacted about some gigs but they only came over from New York for 2 dates this time. We went to see them on Friday in Manchester, their support band dropped out and we agreed to fill in the next night, The Indecent's drummer Nick took our EP and learned it overnight. We had 2 hours sleep, drove for 7 hours to London, played 4 songs and drove another 4 or 5 hours home. It was fun, very random and unexpected but worth it. Just a shame Ro couldn't drum, we would have loved to do a full set with our new songs and everything but a gigs a gig and they're cool bands, check them out.

And what's it like being back home after such a whirlwind of gigs?

Boring, we're all back to work/uni/real life now, I mean it's nice to have some time to ourselves, see our friends and to work on our new songs but nothing beats touring, so much fun, can't wait for next time.

What's next on the cards for Grim Dylan? (More gigs, record album)

We have big plans for 2012; the rest of this year is planning, writing, recording our album and getting things sorted for next year. Our drummer Ro broke her foot last week so we're off gigs for the next 7 weeks while it heals, we're using that time to write mainly.

And I understand you're asking your fans to help out with the recording; how are you doing that?

We're using a website called crowd funder, basically we set a target of £1000, write a pitch and set rewards - our fans then pledge money and when we make our target we get paid. The more people pledge the bigger the rewards, they also get to see exactly how every penny is spent, it's something for our fans to really get involved with and be a part of.

And is it going well?

Amazing, better than we ever imagined, in the 1st hour of going like we had over £300 and we're on 57% of our target now with over a month left to go, looks like we'll reach our target! The support has been amazing, this album will be worth every penny too, it's gonna be awesome.

How could our readers get involved with that? on the left hand side of the page you can put in how much you want to pledge, anything from £1 to £100, it works with PayPal, it's all very secure and if we don't reach our target you don't get charged.

Apart from the financials, what do you think will be the biggest thing hurdle you face on your route to international fame and fortune?

There won't be one, being as we don't give a flying f**k about fame or fortune. We want to be heard, we want to carry on playing for as long as we can, sure we like having such a loyal and supportive fan base and money's always nice but being rich and famous was never part of the plan...that's not why we're doing this.

Who do you look up to in the music industry? Who are your idols and why?

My favourite band is The Gits, Mia Zapata is definitely my idol, she was amazing. I can't talk for Suki and Ro but we're all into our grunge, metal, rock, we take inspiration from all kinds of artists.

Finally, if you had a time machine and could go to any point in history, when and where would you choose?

Well for me it would be to see The Gits. I'd love to go back to the early days of riot grrrl and see bands like L7 and Lucid Nation. Again I can't speak for Suki and Ro but we'd all love to go back and see Nirvana...I'd also like to see Queen. I'd probably visit Woodstock too.

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