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5 minutes with Gateway

"We started for the fun of it then decided to start gigging"

So today we are welcoming a 5 piece band into the studio, let's start by having you tell us a bit about who makes up the band.

So Gateway, what genre do class yourselves as?

Well we like to class ourselves as different but if we had to put a distinctive genre to the band then it would be Alternative-Rock.

You are a relatively new band but seem to have already caused a slight stir on the music scene, what do you put this down too? Is it commitment from each member? Is it the determination to succeed?

We have all been in bands before and have been trying to break into the industry individually for many years but it is mainly down to the determination of each member and the band as a whole, and as for the slight stir on the music scene well... that's down to our followers that have been with us from the very start back in October 2010

If you could give advice to someone wanting to start a band, what advice could you give?

JUST GO FOR IT! anyone can start a band and many start for different reasons, mainly we started for the fun of it then decided to start gigging and it just spiraled from there.

What is your honest opinion of the music industry nowadays? Do you feel it has gone far too commercial which makes it harder for bands like yourself to break through? Or do you think that's part of the challenge?

It is part of the challenge but it has become increasingly commercial which does add difficulty to breaking a band into the music industry. But you have to remember that there are bands out there that started just like we did and have become world wide sensations.

If you had to choose one highlight so far for the band, what would it be and why?

Its hard to choose just one so we'll say two just cause were cheeky. Recording the debut EP which will be available from Itunes etc from September onwards, and also the fact of reaching the Semi-Finals of the Surface Festival which we will be playing on the 28th July at the Asylum in Birmingham

I understand you took part in a competition called "Surface Festival UK" which is a UK wide unsigned competition. Being a part of such a large competition and reaching the semi-finals must of been a proud moment for you, how important do you feel that competition was to your band? Do you think it's worth other bands taking part in such competitions? If so, why?

The competition was very important to us as we have met so many great people along the way such as Leon Van Den Broek the Birmingham representative of the festival and there have been so many great bands that we hope to gig with in the future such as "Already Gone" from Stoke, and on a whole the festival has boosted our fan base a lot.

Answer the following with a band members name:

Most image conscious: Tammy
Comedian of the band: Ste, Simon, Matt and Adam are comedians (well try to be)
Most unhygienic: Matt
Laziest: Simon (He's always late to rehearsal)
Smartest: Adam (likes to think he is *Smiles* )

I would just like to say a massive thankyou for taking part in this interview, it has been a pleasure.

Fit4Talent wishes you all the success in the future and let's hope we someday see you on the big screens.

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