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5 minutes with Final Coil

"I'm proud of everything we've done on record one way or another"

Today we welcome Final Coil into the interview room! Welcome lads..

First of all, start off by introducing yourselves and telling us what your
roles are in the band.

Phil: Hi - I'm Phil, I'm the singer and rhythm guitarist in the band.

Tom: Hello there I'm Tom the drummer

Rich: and I'm Rich, guitarist, other singer and generally noisy bugger

Jola: Hi, Hi - I'm Jola and I play bass...

How long have you been together? How did you all meet in the first instance?

Phil: As a band we've been together since 2009 but as a project Final Coil's existed a lot longer than that. Rich has been with me on this since the start b(back in 2003) when we used to bash out tunes on a four-track recorder but we never really took it anywhere and then I moved to Poland. When I came back it seemed like a plan to get a real band together and Jola joined after we had problems finding a bass player while Tom foolishly answered an advert in which we may have lied about our popularity and standing in the music community!!! Of course it took us two bassists and six drummers to get to that stage (at one point I kinda thought we were cursed), but now we're sorted and writing music together; the first product of which is the "goodbye to all that" mini-album which we released a few months back.

Tom: There's no "may"

Rich: A mutual friend introduced me and Phil when I first moved to Leicester, but back then it was as much about ball pits and and vodka in Phil's living room as it was about actually doing anything sensible. I think every track we worked on in those days pretty much diverged in genre from any other track.

So far you have been working hard as a band, collectively you have a large number of years experience, what do you think the key to success is?

Phil: If we knew that we wouldn't have to work hard as a band!!! That said I've always believed that the most important thing is to be true to yourself and play what you want to hear, not what you think will sell. For me the most successful bands, they didn't necessarily sell a lot by, say, Metallica standards, but they always maintained their identity. Alice in chains, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Anathema are all bands who have succeeded very much on their own terms and as a result their fans will be with them for life. That's really important because music is an art-form and even though it's often treated as a disposable commodity, a great album will stay with you throughout your life.

Rich: You need a bit of luck sometimes but in the absence of some of that you just have to make sure you're enjoying what you do otherwise it becomes a relatively pointless exercise.

What have been your proudest moments in your career so far? Individually and as a band.

Phil: Without doubt the new EP we've just recorded. As proud as I am of "goodbye to all that", the new work is a huge jump and I think it will blow people's minds when they hear it. It's very heavy but it has a lot of melody too and everyone in the band worked incredibly hard to make it sound the way it does. Sitting in the studio and watching it all come together made me incredibly proud. It was also very cool to play with Alunah, The Resonance Association and the Royal Mcbee corporation because I really dig those bands and to share a stage with them was sweet.

Tom: Actually doing the first gig with Final Coil after two years floating around bands on guitar or bass and finally meeting these guys and within 6 weeks the first couple of gigs were done and many more were lined up. I think as a band we're so much more cohesive it's hard not to be proud of any new songs we write or gigs we do as we can be honest with each other if something is tripe!

Rich: I'm proud of everything we've done on record one way or another, but I think we're definitely more cohesive now which is promising for the future. The way we came through gigs in the times when we were missing bassists and drummers showed a lot of our pride in not losing faith and giving up.

What's happening for you in the near future? Do you have any releases or gigs planned?

Phil: Yeah - well we're always touring around the Midlands but we're also looking for gigs further afield. We released our mini album (as referenced endlessly above) through Burning Shed and we've now got this new EP which has a working title of 'live in doubt', but I'm not sure how we're going to release that yet. We may put it out digitally but I've always preferred to have something real that you can appreciate and we put a lot of effort into our artwork and booklets, so I guess there'll be some sort of physical release at some point.

More importantly we're starting work on an album. It's going to take a while - we don't want to rush anything, and we have two releases anyway to play with - but the aim is to create something that works as a complete album and which has a flow and feel that rock fans can appreciate. Obviously there are issues of funding and time, but we're all committed to making something really worthwhile and it's really important to us to put out a lasting statement of who we are as a band.

Rich: Both the new EP's rock very much but I think there's a lot to come from us yet. Some of the ideas kicking around the rehearsal room right now are going to blossom into great big bushes from the promising young saplings they are now. Yes, I just wanted to get 'bush' into the interview somehow.

If people want to find out more information on you guys where do they go to find out the info?

Phil: We have an official site which is updated pretty regularly and which has photos, gig listings and stuff which is, and then there's also Facebook (!/pages/Final-Coil/29856647536) and Myspace ( both of which have plenty of photos and free tunes on with more to be added soon. You can also find links to Burning Shed where you can buy our CD!

If you could play in any venue, where would you choose and why?

Phil: If it was any venue in the world it would be Stodola in Warsaw - it's got a huge sense of atmosphere, really good sound and Polish fans are just mental when it comes to supporting bands. If you've ever checked out Soulfly's 'Conquer' album, the DVD that came with that was filmed there, and Behmoth and Vader have also filmed sets there and it's just a great, great place to be as a fan and I'd love to get the chance to see it from the other side.

Tom: The venue has never been that important to me, After floating round the Leicester scene for 18 months, as long as one person digs what your doing and isn't afraid to show you that's all that matters

If you could offer a word of advice to a budding artist, what would your one liner be.

Phil: Never let anyone tell you what your music should sound like, never give up on doing what you believe in and make sure that the people in your band are good friends because you'll spend forever with them!

Tom: Yes we are all good friends...ahem

Rich: We're lucky that Phil is scared of Jola, otherwise he'd be insufferable. There's no harm in listening to advice, but think about it before you just start corrupting your views everytime anyone says something. Oh, and you know what you're supposed to sound like, but the sound engineer/producer may not so be careful of that.

Well I'd like to say thankyou very much for talking with us today, good luck for the future.

Phil: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

Rich: Cheers! It's been a pleasure

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