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5 minutes with Erin

"I just like to be out there and my fans are growing bit by bit"

Today we're sitting down with upcoming musician Erin.

So Erin, tell me how you first started out

I was twelve years old at the time I have loved performing since I was young and I did singing dancing and drama a lot in my spare time outside of school. I did my first song at THE CAVE and from then I have got better and better.

I hear you are releasing your EP "No More Princesses", how does it feel?

It feels epic I didn't think I'd get this far it's has had a lot of good reviews and people getting a name slowly but steady. I am new I haven't got like one million fans yet but I like where I stand at the moment. I have performed my songs at they have got a good reaction. It's bean review on Sign Me To Road Runner records so that's good it made number three in the alternative chart and number ten in the weekly charts.

Did you encounter any difficulties when recording NMP?

We had to do a few redoes of certain songs; Stacey Slaughter is a prime example of that. It was very rushed because the place where this was getting recorded was gonna be closed down so I wanted all done before it closed but it didn't close so I was like now you tell me.

How did you dream up the name "No More Princesses"?

It came from one of those moments where you needed something that would fit the bill and No More Princess is saying look no more glamorised looks or girly girlish ways it time to let out the rebel.

What did you find were the best things about recording?

Working with some amazing people Martin Trolope made this EP what it is the place wasn't the best of the best so we have to make do and I liked it enjoyed it I would do it all again.

What/who were your main inspirations for the EP?

I have a lot of them I could go on Emile Autumn, Taylor Momsen, The Millionaires and Black Veil Brides are my favourites at the moment. I like them for all different reasons Emile Autumn because she has no band has her friends not famous but she has a good time on stage and her songs are wicked. Taylor Momsen because she is the same age as me and I love how she'll just diss anyone and not give a damn. The Millionaires there lyrics are like mine I get influenced a lot by them. Black Veil Brides because they wear what they want and could not give a crap about what anyone thinks

What can your fans expect from "No More Princesses"?

A lot of different things madness craziness. I mean I am not a perfect singer but I just like to be out there and my fans are growing bit by bit. I found doing a lot of self-promotion can help. I would like to get bigger by doing shows interviews so on just get out there and say hey this is me come and get it.

The music industry is very competitive; do you think that being a solo female artist can have some disadvantage at times?

Yes a lot of people are focused on the whole band thing at the moment so it is kinda hard. I feel the whole drummer bass guitar vocal is alright but I like to move around make it more theatrical and have a bit of fun instead of standing in the same spot. The music industry is so into the skinny little diva thing in the UK how I look at it anyway. I wanna show the world that new youth are coming out attack claws out. I mean I'm from south Tyneside and not many rock stars come out of there today people like Joe Mcledery and Little Mix are about it. When I say I wanna be in Kerrang, people are like "no kid, no way". Basically if you love me, good thanks and, if you hate me well, just live with it I ain't changing.

You sound somewhat reminiscent of Emilie Autumn, is this what you were aiming for? Why?

Yeah I love Emilie Autumn I'd love to be a support act for her one day she has influenced me a lot in style and thinking. I would say I am the punk burlesque rock style. I mean there are some wicked female front woman Joan Jett Emilie Autumn and Taylor Momsen who are the real deal in rock. Paramore and bands like that kinda are like ok but there not in your face kick ass rocking.

What's next for you then?

I am at college on my first diploma music course doing a few gigs with them around the area.I hopefully want to go on tour as a support with a band or do a few gigs around and about.If I could I'd like to do some collaboration with some artists and get signed. I am working on some new stuffs rock covers and some new stuff like Jeffree Star kinda thing with a punk rock twist. I wanna hopefully get into Kerrang when I have enough experience and all.

Thank you for your time Erin, any last words for our readers?

Find my E.P on CD baby like my Facebook page Holly Hell and I love you with my little rebel heart. Join the hell fans and rock out let it out rebel against the world. I shall come to a city near you my pretty people. Check out my Youtube

Interview by Robyn Lees

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