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5 minutes with Emma Forman

"I have always wanted my music to be is honest and I think I pull that off"

Who you are, what it is you do and how long you have been doing it for.

I'm Emma Forman I'm a singer songwriter doing country pop/ indie pop and I have been gigging as a solo artist since 2001 but was in quite a few different bands before then. I still do play in a few bands as I'm the Lady Medusa an all female pop punk band and Elektra Spell which is more of an electronic pop project.

What is it about acoustic music that gives you that feeling of satisfaction inside?

For me it the rawness of it all, you just pick up your guitar and you get to express exactly how you feel at the time or at least at the time you wrote the song. It is very freeing and works I guess as free therapy as it does always make things feel much better to write a song about something you are stressed/ upset/ excited over. There is a great satisfaction is showing the auditions the bare bones of a song and them getting it. My guitar is very much like my best friend that I talk to about anything in that I put my guitar up and everything feels fine no matter how bad things really are, it just works.

Writing your own music isn't always easy, what advice do you give to any budding songwriters out there that may need some advice or a push to get started?

Always write from your heart I think is the main thing as not everybody does that and you can hear it when someone does, that is the kind of music that grabs you and pulls at your heartstrings. Don't care what anyone says, go with your own gut instincts as folks often are quick to knock something down just because of their own insecurities. Since pop idol and X factor everyone thinks they are the next Simon Cowell and folks can be quick to judge but keep your faith, never quit. I say this because I've experienced a lot of bad reviews/ abuse and if I had listened to them I would have gave up a long time ago and missed out on lots of really cool stuff like supporting folks I admire so do it because you love it and ignore the bad stuff.

So at the moment, what are you doing with your music and what level would you like to take it too next?

Since 2007 I have been touring the UK pretty constantly as a solo artist I would like to travel to different places but the date that I booked in Europe unfortunately fell through so this is something I would like to work on. I write a lot so more albums will be on their way, working on my 14th album at the time. Most of the material is home recordings so the quality isn't as high as I would like it to be but it is more important to me to get the songs captured than anything else. For a long time I've said I didn't want to sign to a label but as time goes on I do feel that I would actually like to either sign to a label or write for another artist that was signed but I've been a bit of a well let's just say colourful character in my time so I am not entirely sure how likely it is. Never been very good at grabbing opportunities when they were offered to me, and I do regret that. Saying that at the end of the day if it isn't going to happen for me then I would be happy just to carry on getting by doing my music as it is the best job I've ever had.

I had a listen to a couple of your tracks, they had a lovely summery feel to them, with great meaning in the vocal, what is it that inspires you to perform as you do and write as you do?

I write as I feel at the moment so basically me just expressing myself. One thing I have always wanted my music to be is honest and I think I pull that off as the solo material is just me being me

What would you say has been your highlight so far in your career? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What would the ideal scenario be?

So many highlights I couldn't pick one - Supporting folks I admire like Midge Ure, Frank Turner, Astrid Williamson, Rose Kemp, Duke Special, James Grant and Julie Matthews. Also just playing at events like The Tall Ships, BBC Upstaged with Medusa's Curse , and Wizard Festival were awesome experiences. Ideal scenario would be to either have some form of label help as it is very cool to be your own boss but sometimes some input/ assistance would make such a huge difference, and give me more of game plan as such. At the moment I just do what I do with no real thought about strategy behind it. PR and marketing is still a bit of mystery to me but I have learned a fair bit from just doing the job. Failing that I will just need to learn a bit more and get better at doing these things for myself

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