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5 minutes with Ellie-Mae English

"I can't imagine myself catwalk modelling, but the front of vogue? Yes please"

Today we welcome into the interview room a young up and coming model, she goes by the name of Ellie-Mae English.

Hello Ellie, how are you today?

I'm very well thank you!

Good to hear, well, I would first like to congratulate you on your first modelling success, I understand you entered your first competition last weekend, so tell us how you got on, what was the experience like?

Thank you! Yes I was requested by my hair salon to be their model for their annual competition. It was an absolutely amazing experience and to top it all off, we won! It was a very exciting but tense day, with an extremely early start, but it all paid off.

How did you prepare for the competition? What thoughts went through your head the morning you woke up?

Well, after an early start I went to my hair stylist's house, and had my hair prepped and curled. I put on some of my outfit, but due to the size of the skirt, I wouldn't have had any chance of fitting into my stylists chair, so that was just bought along in the bag. Once we arrived at the salon my stylist had 45 minutes to 'put up' the hair, and style it.

So this was the first step in terms of modelling, when did you first realise you wanted to become a model?

This was my first step! I hadn't really thought about it before I was asked to be the model for this competition and since winning, it has made me look at the industry differently. It has just given me the confidence to persue any industry that I decide to choose.

Where do you hope to take this new found passion of yours? Do you have anything lined up?

I'm not entirely sure, as my stylist also won this competition, it will entitle her to enter more, and I have been asked to continue being her model throughout. But as of yet, nothing has been arranged. I am still at school, so by deciding on a definite career, I feel that I would be limiting my choices, there is still plenty of time.

Other than modelling do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I have owned and ridden horses pretty much all my life, so that is a big thing to me. But, I also sing and songwrite. I've had vocal coaching for many years, I feel it allows me to release feelings and thoughts, without keeping a diary or anything like that, as I would most probably lose it haha..

Ah singing, nice, do you have any plans when it comes to singing then?

I have dreamed of being a singer for many many years, but it is such a tough industry. As I said, I'm still at school, keeping my options open, but I would never reject an offer of any sort in the industry!

Well that sounds interesting, good luck with that.

Thank you!

What inspires you when it comes to modelling? Do you have an inspiration as such?

I don't have an inspiration, but I love magazines, flicking through the pictures and articles, looking at the models for clothing lines etc, i'd love to do that!

In 5 years, where would you like to see yourself career wise?

In 5 years? I would love to be somewhere either in the music industry; singing or songwriting, or the modelling industry, I can't imagine myself catwalk modelling as i'm a little too short, but to be on the front page of vogue? Wow, yes please..

Well thankyou very much for talking with us today, I very much look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Thank you very much, see you soon!

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