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5 minutes with David Needham

"I joined the army at 16, straight from school"

Today we welcome David Needham into the Fit4Talent Interview room, David, welcome, how are you?

Hi guys, I'm very well thank you, Had a busy day, going to the Gym and searching for an outfit for an upcoming shoot,feeling very good non the less...

Great to hear, thankyou for talking with us today.

No worries. Thank you for having me. Its a pleasure..

So let's start off by telling people what it is you do?

I am currently a security officer, I enjoy my job in security as its in my nature and training to do this kind of job, but I am always looking for a new challenge and to better myself. I model in my spare time, to be honest I model and book shoots every spare minute I get! Always on the phone to photographers, models etc trying to build a mind blowing portfolio.

From what I understand you are quite new to the industry, what is it about modelling that you find so intriguing?

Yes that's right, I enjoy meeting new people and I get the biggest high and thrill when you get the pictures back after a shoot and the feedback that comes with it. I love it when total strangers see the shots and say that they love it, find it a great shot. Makes it all worth the while. They don't see the hard work in the background. Make up, arranging shoots etc. But all that is to get the perfect shot, for your audience.

So we know this is a new line of work for you, what did you do before?

I was in the British army. Very proud to say so as well. As I know the troops do a fantastic job, I joined the army at 16, straight from school. Served with the Greenhoward, now known as the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment for just over 4years.. I was lucky enough to wear both capbadges. I met some great mates, who I still have lots of contact with to this day, I've also played semi professional football for many years. Representing a number of clubs, a bit of a jack of all trades some might say.

An ex British serviceman, going from the army to Modelling, what do your mates think of that one?

Well to be honest they laughed as I was always the one that took the longest to get ready to go out, so they just said "it could of only been you!" They are very supportive of my new chosen career. Which is great to have. They always had my back and it shows they still have! They comment on my recent pictures, infact I wore a shirt the other day for a shoot that my old sergeant gave to me as a leaving present! "Hugo boss".

James Blunt did the same and look what he went on to achieve, big things! So what are your hopes and dreams with modelling? What's the next step for you?

As I said I'm always thriving to hit the top. The skys the limit in my eyes, always want to better myself. James blunt is a great inspiration to a lot of ex servicemen. And he definitely is to me! My dream is to walk into a high street shop and see my face on advertising boards, posters and magazines. My next step is to keep working with a range of photographers and other models. Before I head to London at the end of October to have a weekend with a fantastic photographer and now close friend to shoot with him and hopefully gain massive experience and contacts within the industry.

I must say, your photos for a new model are quite impressive, how did you feel first stepping infront of the camera?

Well, I'll be perfectly honest, when I did my 1st shoot, I did it to help someone out and did it as a bit of a giggle. I was quite nervous as to see the outcome, after the 1st 5minutes I slowly came round to just relaxing, enjoying the camera and I had a great shoot. Expecting nothing to come of it I posted a few on a couple of well known modelling sites, and boom the next day, I was getting calls etc, I nearly fainted!!
Getting great feedback from strangers made me change my mind and really start going for this as a career!.

What inspirations do you have in your life that make you want to succeed within this tough industry that you are entering?

My inspirations in life have always been my parents, family, friends and my amazing partner who has been right by my side through thick and thin. Whatever I do I always want to make them proud. I think

I've done alright so far. When I see posters in shops or magazines. I really want my beautiful little son to one day be able to say to his friends "look that's my dad!"

I know this industry is tough and I could possibly take a few knocks on my way to the top but I know I have the right guys behind me and the support from all who care to pick me up and give me the will to carry on.

Be brave, be proud, state what you think your two best features are.

Oh now this one is a tough one! I'd have to say my eyes are one. People often say I give off a very sultry/sexy look. Haha. And my 2nd best featured would be my hair. I'm always one for trying new styles and can often be found in front of the mirror for a while trying to get the perfect look..

So, what can we expect to see from you over the coming months? Do you have anything in the pipeline?

I've got a very very busy couple of months coming up in terms of modelling, I'm shooting practically non-stop with some brilliant photographers from all over the country, trying to perfect my portfolio before heading to London at the end of October to do a whole weekend, shooting a range of styles, and gaining valuable experience. It's going to be very tiring but I have the drive and power to succeed.

In some of the shoots I have lined up I'm going to be trying things I could only of dreamt of when I started modelling.. Not saying to much, but keep an eye on my profile to see!...

Well I would like to say a massive thankyou for talking to us today, I do hope that you succeed within the industry and make sure you stay in touch with us, Fit4Talent supports you.

Thank you very much, its been an honour. I certainly will do.. Take care.. And enjoy.

To find out more information on David, visit his profile

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