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5 minutes with Dan Stock

"I tend to write about things that are on my mind"

Hi Dan, thank you for speaking with us here at Fit4Talent, we are really impressed with what we have seen of you so far, when did you start playing the guitar and singing?

I don't really remember exactly when I started playing; I guess I was probably about 6 or 7. I played on and off for a couple of years until I was about 9, when I started taking it a bit more seriously and joined a band in school.

Although I'd been playing the guitar for years I'd never really tried or even wanted to sing. However at the end of last year I was asked to play and sing in school. As much as I expected everyone to laugh, when it was over they said I was actually quite good, which was just as much a surprise to me as it probably was to them. Since then I've got a bit more confidence to a point where i really enjoy playing in front of people.

Your only 14, which means you have plenty of time ahead of you, what are your goals for the near future, for the next 6-12months say?

I don't really know, I suppose what I want to do is get better at writing my own stuff. I guess just like singing it's a confidence thing, the more you do it perhaps the better you'll get and then the more confident you'll be about people's reactions. So i suppose the answer to the question is I'd like to have a bigger bunch material that I'm proud to call my own.

When writing your own music, what inspires you?

I wouldn't say there's any one thing in particular that inspires me, perhaps just things I see and do. At the moment there's nothing in particular. I suppose like a lot of people I tend to write about things that are on my mind.

If you could star alongside any artist of your choice, who would it be and why?

Right now i suppose I'd play alongside anybody that would have me! But, if i was privileged enough to choose, I think it would have to be somebody that I really admire, rather than just liking their music. I was watching a video of the Smiths from the early 80's, seeing Morrissey and Johnny Marr back then really amazed me. Without them I don't think music would be quite the same. I would love to play with them (assuming I could go back in time).

And finally, what advice can you give to someone who is looking to start out in the industry? Although you are fairly new, some may say you are a step ahead of many, so what would you advise any budding talents?

I guess the advice i would give is to keep doing what you want to do, not what might seem popular at the time. That's what great people have given to music; they enjoy what they're doing and then get better and better at it. If you express yourself through your music, people will hopefully recognise it. The biggest thing of all is to be confident in your own ability, that's what has begun to help me.

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