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5 minutes with Damon Scott, The monkey Man

"I always want to get my act maximum exposure, with exposure comes fame"

Well, today we welcome a very special guest into the studio, he goes by the name of Damon Scott, The monkey man!

Damon, welcome to Fit4Talent..

Firstly, how are you? How has life been for you since applying for Britain's Got Talent?

Hi, I'm doing great thanks, I have been travelling all around Europe appearing on various TV shows, so life is busy but good.

Let's go back to the start, when you filled in that application form for BGT, what thoughts went through your mind?

I suppose the first thing that went through my head when I saw the first ever advert to apply to BGT was, if there is any TV show out there that is right for me, this is the one I need to apply for. 2 days later I had about 6 application forms come through my letter box, where friends had seen the advert to, and applied for me thinking the same.

You look back at it now as a life changing moment, the decision you made to fill that form in really has given your career a great boost, do you think your achievements so far would of been possible without BGT, or do you think that by working hard and committing, you could achieve just as much?

I definitely think BGT has given my career a boost, I mean performing infront of 18 million plus, how can it not. But I am a big believer, that with alot of hard work and commitment you can achieve pretty much whatever you want in life.

How long have you been entertaining for? When did Bubbles the monkey First appear?

I have been performing ever since I can remember. I got my first puppet when I was about 6, then Bubbles came along a few years later. I decided to take up entertaining full time when I won UK cabaret act of the year in 1999, and have now been performing professionaly for over 12 years.

Obviously you received and still receive media attention for making it to the final of BGT, how was it to deal with in the first instance and, you soon learnt to cope with the flashes and attention?

It so hard to explain. Going from a guy who use to walk down the street, getting on with his day to day life, to not being able to walk down the street without people knowing who you are, shouting out your name and asking for photos. It's an incredible feeling, if sometimes a little scary.

What else are you currently up to? Do you have any big plans for anything in the near future? Do you now work fulltime as an entertainer?

As I mentioned before, I have been performing full time for over a decade now. Alongside touring all around the world performing on lots of TV shows. I have also got some great things in the pipeline, one of which should be hitting our TV screens early next year.

I understand that the BBC followed you around, naming the documentary "The Monkey Man". From performing to Dozens at home, to performing infront of millions on TV, to having your private life exposed, how was the experience?

The day after my documentary 'The MonkeyMan' aired on TV, suddenly everyone knew who I was, It was very daunting, especially for a 18 year old. You just can't prepair yourself for that kinda attention.

To all of our readers, can you give one piece of advice that you feel is important when stepping into the world of fame?

Stay true to yourself, and never change the person you are. Always remember to treat the people on the way up, the same way you would like to be treated, because one day you may meet them same people on the way back down. And keep your eyes wide open, there is alot of people out there, that what to use you for your new found fame.

What is your opinion on fame? To us, we teach that fame can come with a talent, if you aim for fame, you shall not succeed, if you work hard at your talent, fame is something that will possibly arise, what are your views on this?

To be honest, I don't think I could put it any better than that myself. I have always wanted to get my act maximum exposure, with exposure comes fame.

It has been a real pleasure talking to you today, learning of your journey in such a short time. I hope that everything works out for you in the future and please, keep putting smiles on people's faces, the act is brilliant.

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