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5 minutes with Craig Sheridan

"The internet is awesome for people like me to get my music out"

Today we welcome Craig Sheridan into the Fit4Talent interview room.

Welcome Craig, how are you?

Im doing really well atm thankyou, ive gigging hard all summer, now starting to wind down a little soon, to chill and write some new material ready for an new "acoustic" style ep next year, a different slant to my previous debut album "red on maroon".

Good to hear, well from doing my research on you, your story is interesting, tell us a little bit more about what it is you do music wise?

I write emotive, soulful acoustic rock songs from the heart from previous experiences good & bad. Its the way I express myself.

You have said that you support charity, how is it you support charity with your music?

I support a charity in kent called "pilgrims hospices", I work atm as a fultime firefighter, but as a singer/songwriter too. The hospice cared for a fellow firefighter, also he was a close friend of 13 years and a musician in a band we had years previous. When he was struck down at only 43, and seeing the amazin work these people do moved me !!, and whilst in the middle of recording my album he passed away within 6 months !!! :( so I vowed I would do something. So I donate from sales of my album to them approx £1,200 so far since its release in january 2010. Unfortunately I lost my dad last september last year, aswell to cancer, so now after dealing with this loss, I am using it in a positive way to push on, write and create more music and help others as I know he would want me too !!!

Well that is fantastic, it's great to see someone doing something so positive with their music, so well done on that note.

When I had the photos done for the album I had to contact "buff" an international clothing company re copyright. When I told them of the hospice link, they took me on board and now support and sponsor me along with "sue me " a sister clothing company !!

So what started off as me teaching myself to play after a bitter separation, writing songs for myself. Has turned full circle into something quite ....... Amazing !!

So far then, what would you say has been your highlight?

I have many highlights !! Radio airplay local and worldwide on internet, erm ....... Maybe last weekend playing at kents biggest free all day festival, called "create festival" over 11,000 visitors that day plus also having an "off the cuff" radio interview with ( kmfm's) adam dowling, and them then ditching a song on there playlist and playing one of my tunes "times change" on air !!!! ;)

Do you have any gigs coming up? If so, plug away..

I have a few but, like I said im taking a little time out writing, spending time with my children, and I also have a new project starting, in the shape of a new rock band called "crashgate" writing a similar style to .... Alterbridge ,creed, black stone cherry etc, music is part of me, its what I am !!!! I have a show in november in a large venue called "the winter gardens" other than that a few low key ones but it changes daily !!!

When it comes to the industry, how much do you think it has changed over the past 10 years? Do you think the internet has had a bad effect on the industry or is there another cause?

Ref the industry ........ I wrote all my songs to help me overcome variety of things in my life, not to make it rich, which I feel is the main focus of the industry ...... This attitude may not help me but I like to give back too, if in the future im lucky enough to land a record deal I would want this to continue in someway.

The internet is awesome for people like me to get my music out but because its so easy its so hard to get noticed unless u have a big pay check to give too a promotions company when you start out unless, you are very very lucky and are spotted in the right place at the right time !!!!

What music do you personally like listening too? Who are your inspirations?

Im welsh, so I like stereophonics, maincs, bullet for my valentine, funeral for a friend, alterbridge, black stone cherry, and lots of heavy music, I frequent "download" festival but I also like, jack johnson, ed sheeran, newton faulkner, damien rice, james blunt aswell. And few have said that my album is alon the lines of the latter artists.

So, the next 5 years, what's your plan of action?

Next 5 years ?? I hope to be able to continue writing music that people love listening too and I esp love performing live because thats where I can give it all, and my passion powers through, having a very loud, powerful & emotive vocal range !!! ( must be welshness ) :) and continue raising money, which may prevent me from landing a contract but I never started out with that idea !!

I would just like to say thankyou very much for speaking with us today. It has been a real pleasure. Best of luck with the music in the future and keep up the charity work, a great role model to all!

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