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5 minutes with Chancers

"Sex, sleaze, drugs, it's all about rock n roll"

Today we're talking to top band Chancers.

You've played with The Butterfly Culture before, haven't you? Do you enjoy playing with them?

John: We have, yes. Yes we do, they're a good band.

So how did you guys first get together?
John: Well me and Jason, who's the guitarist, have been in this band for about 2 years
Jason: 3 years
John: About 3 years and then this the latest line up; we started off totally different to how we are now
Leo: I'd say, with the current line-up, this is how the band's been together for the last 4 months
John: We had a change of style and direction as well so basically, Jason and JD have been together for 2/3 years and it's pretty much a new band other than that

Is there any particular reason you changed style?
John: Because our manager told us to. No, it was because it was dated.
Jason: Yeah, we just needed a change. We were doing the same stuff and it wasn't going in a particular direction
Leo: They had the songs and they came in to do some recording; it's the same songs, they've just been restructured. The songs were always there and the ideas were always there but there was no direction and things like that and then they came and recorded with me and everything kind of fell into place; sound-wise and direction-wise and it just went from there.

Your music seems to be like a "dirty rock n roll" style, where do you get your inspirations from?
John: Dirtiness.
Jason: Just pure filth.
John: It is, yeah. All our songs are about sleaze and filth to be honest. We're nice guys, we just don't have any nice songs, do we really? I can't think of a nice song.
Jason: I just think we're all fans of the garage rock, sleazy genre
Leo: They're all songs about going out and getting drunk which I think almost everyone can relate to because most people do.
John: We did have some slower songs but when we're playing live, we wanted to keep the tempo up and not let it dip so they're all quite sharp now to the point.

When you guys started out, what style did you originate with?
John: Acoustic, bluesy sort of thing.

Can you draw any similarities to other bands with the sound that it is now?
Leo: I'd say it's a mix between The Hives, The Subways and Arctic Monkeys heavier stuff, really.
John: Well that's what we've been told anyway.
Jason: Yeah, it is like sleazy Arctic Monkeys, that's it; just a bit more of a garage-y version.
Leo: Just high energy rock and roll.

Do you have anything planned for after this gig? (Eg EP/Album, tour etc.)
John: Not really, we're recording an album at the moment.
Jason: We've got an EP already out and we're just recording more; I think we've got quite a few more gigs actually. We've got 5 weeks of concerts.
Leo: We need to sort merch, that's the next biggest thing that we've got to do. We need t-shirts and all that sort of stuff, we haven't sorted it out and we've really needed to. We're doing a show with DZ Deathrays down in Southampton at the Joiners. We're hopefully going out to Germany, do some touring there and possibly some tours over here, we're just waiting to hear back.
John: We've also got a video coming out soon.

What kind of video is it?
John: It's live footage for the song Revolver.

So are you looking forward to playing tonight?
John: Yeah, we've never played here before so it's quite exciting.
Jason: It's a nice venue as well.

Do you play London often?
Jason: It's only the second time. We've got another Barfly one in a month or so.
Leo: It's the 29th June at the Barfly
John: London's always fun to play really.

What sort of promotion do you often do?
John: Best thing we did was when we flyered gigs
Leo: Because the band's so new, we're basically getting everything in place. There's no point in trying to do loads of publicity when you're not ready for it. So the basic idea is playing shows, getting the band where it needs to be and then doing promotion because there's no point in promoting something that's not ready. You only get one chance to make a first impression so we're not doing anything for any industry just yet.
John: We've got a new drummer, this is about our 7th one or something ridiculous. It's like Spinal Tap, the last one exploded.

So when did you join?
Josh: End of January?
John: I think it was later than that; it's only been about a month and a half, this only about your 3rd gig now.
Josh: It was early March.

How did you join?
John: Our manager picked him out for us.
Leo: I'd seen him come to the studio (Green Bullet Studios) and play with another band; I knew they (Chancers) needed a new drummer so I just sounded them out for him.
Jason: He heard the songs, realised how good they were and thought "I need to be in this band".

Why did your last drummer leave?
John: He moved away; he had a girlfriend and moved away to Brighton.
Leo: It was time for him to move on.
John: He could only do practices; we're going to take this seriously and he didn't have a commitment really.
Jason: He was a really nice guy though, he was cool.
John: Then we had a temporary drummer for 2 or 3 gigs, Big Dave, he's awesome.
Jason: We've been through a lot of drummers.

Is there any particular reason you've been through so many drummers?
John: Jason probably, he's a bit of a sexual predator. It just scares them.
Josh: He's bummed me twice.
John: He loves the sticks.

You mentioned earlier that you are recording an album, can you tell us any more about that?
John: We've already recorded parts of it and we're re-recording it.
Leo: The first track's done, it's called Betty Blue
We're going to sort out a promo video to go with it, some live footage and the plan is to get it done and get it out in September/October. That's the plan in my head, they don't know about this yet.
John: We never know much about this band, our manager tells us where to be and where to go and we just step to it. As long as he's happy, we're happy.

So what genre is the album going to be?
John: Sex, sleaze, drugs, it's all about rock n roll.
Leo: It's good time rock n roll.
John: It's Saturday night, 1 o'clock music. Dance floor music.
Leo: It's more not something you'd put on on a Sunday morning, it's something you'd put on on a Saturday night. It's stuff like when you're in a club and it comes on, it'd be the songs that, when you're at a bar, the song comes on and you think "f**k it, I'm not queuing" and run to the dance floor; jump around with your mates as opposed to a Sunday morning chill out. It's not really the best music for that, especially if you've got a hangover. In fact, it's probably the worst thing you could get involved with when you've got a hangover.

What do you enjoy about gigging?
John: I think everything about it other than the waiting about.
Jason: Yeah, I like the travelling, I like the playing, I like meeting the people, I just don't like the waiting. So everything really, at the moment.
John: We always seem to get received quite well by people, people who come along who haven't heard us always seem to take us really well and we end up with a bigger crowd than we started with.
Jason: Making people happy, that's why we're in it, really.

I think that's about it for now, is there anything else you'd like to add?
John: Check out our Facebook page click 'LIKE'.
Leo: Some of the downloads for the album are on iTunes
John: Just listen to us, really. Give it a go. Cheers.

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