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5 minutes with Blast

"Have faith and trust within ourselves knowing that people will like us"

So firstly, start off by introducing yourselves and tell us what your roles are within the band.

I'm Nash from Georgia frontman,main vocals/guitarist and main songwriter in the band

I'm Misha from Russia lead guitar and vocalist

I'm Valio from Bulgaria bassist

I'm Vlado from Bulgaria drummer and vocalist

I'm Seva from Russia keyboards

Back to the beginning, where did it all begin? How did it start for you as a band?

Nash: After the fall of communism in the former Soviet Union in the 90s and we were free to travel,after graduating from Moscow University with a science degree I went to America as I was already a musician and spent two years travelling around and cutting my teeth as musician like an apprenticeship.Whilst on my travels I met up with Russian guitarist Khlap(Clap) who was touring with a band and we became good friends and decided to form a band when we returned back to Moscow.We hooked up in 1999 and formed Blast originally a four piece with fellow Russian musicians Gia and Sergei.In 2000 on our first tour to the UK we were signed up by the London based indie British/Australian record label Ghost Records.Philippe from Ghost Records became our UK manager and PR agent.Gia and Sergei left the band soon after our first UK tour and were replaced by Vlado and Valio who were living in Moscow.Khlap left the band in 2005 and was replaced by Misha and Seva joined Blast in 2008

You seem to have a great following already which is good to see, the presentation of your band is very professional, do you think it's vital to set a good impression of yourselves when promoting and performing, building a relationship with your fans?

To us the most important thing are the people who pay to come to see us and buy our cds.t/shirts etc and through that we have built up a loyal fanbase so everytime we to do a gig regardless of whether its in front of 80 people like the other night in Bath or 20,000 people back in March supporting Deep Purple we give it 100% and have faith and trust within ourselves knowing that people will like us and follow us.Some have even come out to Moscow to see on several occasions.

You have been fortunate enough to perform alongside some BIG names in the industry, tell our readers some of the people you have performed alongside and which of them have been your highlight so far?

We have been very lucky to have performed with lots of many well known bands,The Strokes,Franz Ferdinand,Supergrass,Brett Anderson,Starsailor and Florence and the Machine to name a few but our highlights were supporting Blur back in 2003,they were the first big band we ever supported and we learnt a lot from them and bizarrely our manager Philippe lives in Colchester which is were Blur come from and supporting Beady Eye in Moscow last month.We had heard so much stuff about Liam Gallagher and his so called bad boy reputation but when we met him in person the complete opposite,one of the nicest musicians we've ever met and he really respected our band.

If you could choose, what would be your dream line up to support you on stage?

It would be The Beatles and The Doors as one big super group

What would you say has been your greatest inspirations? As a band and individually?

Nash: For Blast The Beatles for me John Lennon but I had the pleasure of meeting Paul McCarthy when he came to Moscow few years ago for his Red Square show

Misha: I like a lot of Brit pop stuff mainly Oasis

Valio and Vlado: We're more into heavy rock stuff especially British bands like Iron Maiden,Def Leopard and Motorhead

Seva: I like bands with keyboard players in them but my favourite are Emerson,Lake and Palmer

Out of the band who is:

The funniest: Misha
The smartest: Nash and Valio
The worst dresser: Misha
The trouble maker: All of us
The Ladies man: Vlado
The Laziest: Seva and Vlado as they can sit down when performing

What would you say the difference is between playing at home in Moscow, to coming to the UK and touring? It must be a great experience for you guys.

The main difference is back in Moscow we normally play on average to between 800/1,000 people because we are well known and feature regularly on TV and radio but when we come to the UK its smaller audiences we play to but we don't mind as its sometimes good to play to a smaller crowd as we feel as a band they appreciate the music more and coming to the UK which is the spiritual home of rock'n'roll is something we always look forward to and meeting new people

So what can we expect from you guys in the near future? Your currently touring the UK playing gigs, what's the next step?

We're currently working on some new material with Martin Glover AKA co-producer of the Verve's album Urban Hymns ready for a new album next year.We're in the process of organising some gigs in America later this year and we're in discussion with a couple of record labels over there and we will back in the UK hopefully in the spring and keeping building up our UK fanbase

If people want to find out more about you, where can they go to do so?

People can to go our Facebook page by typing in Blast or they can go Philippe's website he represents us in the UK, to view our videos and become a fan and we have set up another site for our current tour so people can download 20 Blast tracks for free and buy tracks from our current album

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