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5 minutes with BB Blackdog

"We've done a festival with 25,000 people attending"

Today Fit4Talent welcomes BB Blackdog to the interview room, a great 3 piece band who have achieved so much in there so far short career.

BB Blackdog, welcome, I'll let you introduce yourselves as individuals.

John Ferguson (AKA Baron Von Gimphausen) English, 5 String Bass Player, can fly, drive, operate anything, usually seen wearing Aviators outfit with Goggles and leather flying cap.

Axel Boldt (AKA Chief Engineer Axel Bolt) German, Drummer, Sample Programmer, Can mend or blow up anything, often seen all in Pink Western wear, carrying 2 Spanners.

Dale Rowles (AKA Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel) English, 4 String Bass Player and Vocalist, Can Stun, Shake, shock, or save anyone with Music, usually seen wearing 19th Century Military uniforms.

Now, we talk about bands being unique but there is something about your band that makes you VERY unique, two of you are from England but one is not, tell us a little bit more.

Dale was at a party of a friend in Germany, and was introduced to a Guitar Builder, who thought it would be good to make a Band with just 2 bass's, thinking it was just a joke/Drunken banter, thought nothing of it, until a Call from Germany, stating "some studio time has been booked get on a Plane", recording went well and the songs were liked, so after 2 quick lineup changes, it became a stable and Functional lineup, the rest is History.

So how did you all come to meet each other? And when did you first meet up in person to pull the band together?

Dale had played Bass in a Latin Jazz Band with John, (on saxophone), and met Axel through friends in Germany, we met (as we still do) to write and record songs, then Go away, learn them from the recordings, and then play Live, no real time to practice living so far apart, so we don't, But it works.

From doing some research on you guys, I have noticed you have some real experience when it comes to gigging with over 200 gigs under your belt, what is the secret to success when it comes finding gigs to play at?

Nothing special really, just hard work and perseverance, Gets a little easier, but it was very hard at first, especially playing origional music, with 2 bass's (we got a lot of replies"What 2 bass's, that will be some messy punk stuff for sure", but we're far from that) Be prepared to play anywhere anytime, Be Nice, learn to set up/take down fast and professionally.

What would you say is your most proudest moment in your career so far and why?

Headlining the famous Rainbow bar and grill on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles on a Saturday night, the whole 14 date US tour we booked ourselves.

What advice can you give to new bands out there looking to get their foot into the industry?

DON'T SIGN ANYTHING !, work hard, expect everything to be much harder than it seems, get used to rejection but don't give up or loose faith.

What's your Funniest Story on Tour

There's been a lot, But Dale's food poisoning in Germany must be up there, he had a Jager Schnitzel after one of the Gigs, and was in hospital by the Next Day, signed himself out, Axel bought some Giant Nappies/Pampers, and he Did 3 Gigs wearing them, and "Changing himself" in breaks. funny to watch waiting fans faces as he walked past them holding a soiled one at arms length coming out from the stage rooms.

If you could perform in any arena in the world alongside any band, where would it be, who would it be with and why?

Well we've done a festival's with 25,000 people attending, but really enjoy it most in a small Bar playing 3 hours or more, with few enough people to chat to them all, really connect, and have a beer with them. We're still pleased to just play though, wherever it is.

Sum up your band in 5 words

Rock, Psychedelic, Desert, Funk, Steampunk

If people want to find out more about you, what information can you give them?

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