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5 minutes with Andy Gibbard

"Peter Gabriel. He is one of my major influences/heroes"

Today we welcome into the interview room Andy Gibbard, a singer song writer based in London, Andy, welcome!

So we are bringing a different style of music to the scene today, 'Outside of the box Piano folk-pop.' For those who do not know of this style, can you explain a little bit more about it for us?

Certainly, I call it 'outside of the box' because Its a little bit different. Unique. I look at things from a different angle. It's folk-pop because I take the emotion, storytelling and beauty of Folk, and the catchy melodys and not too serious-ness of Pop. and Piano because I play Piano.

When did you first get into music? When did you realise it was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

Well, I've always been a writer, to an extent, since a very early age. I wrote silly stories and poems when I was 5/6. I first started learning Piano when I was 9/10, and it all combined in my teens. Two things kickstarted my desire to be a professional musician. 1) seeing 'Joe Driscoll' live at a small local festival. it was my first proper gig I went to by myself, and he just blew me away. I wanted to be where he was. and 2) going to my first big major festival. It was the 2007 Isle Of Wight Festival. I'd never been anywhere where i was so surrounded by music. When it rained, I wrote songs in my tent. And it went uphill from there.

Music in the charts nowadays is very much commercial, do you think there is room for an artist like yourself in the charts? If so, what do you think you can bring to the music scene that isn't already there?

Chart music has always been commercial, and generally aimed at the younger market. I have nothing against people like Lady Gaga, or Bruno Mars etc., they write catchy songs, they make good money so good on them but I'm not quite sure thats exactly where I see my music fitting in. I feel I'm unique that there arent many Male Pianist/singers out there in the same vein as Billy Joel or Elton John, thats where I see myself.

So far in your career what would you say the highest point has been? And in response to that, what has been your lowest?

I played a show at the Blag Club, in Notting Hill for a new acoustic promotions company, and it was easily not only the best show I've played, but one of the best music nights I've attended. I was the opening act, but the crowd was still pretty big, and they were so engaging, and supportive. I had so many people congratulating me afterwards, and one man even compared me to Ben Folds. That topped off my night well. Lowest moment would have to be one of my first gigs, at a venue in Stockwell. It was a sort of Open Mic event, but it was pretty small and more suited to Guitar players. I turned up with my keyboard, there was no PA just a seldom amp. There was no microphone. It was appalling. I was apalling. I was so upset with that night that I stopped altogether, for about 3/4 months. But I got my act together, and my next gig went alot better and now I'm a lot more ready for the bad nights. Motto is, Never give up. Pick yourself off the ground, dust yourself off and get on with things.

If you could choose to perform with any artist, past or present, at any gig in the world, who would you choose, where would you choose and why?

Peter Gabriel. He is one of my major influences/heroes. I've seen him Live twice in the last year, and it was mindblowing stuff. I'd support him at an intimate gig at the Hammersmith Apollo. There wouldnt be many in the crowd. My hearts racing at the thought of this, already!! and then we'd Duet on Solsbury Hill at the end, then go for a drink. Good times.

What is the next step for Andy Gibbard?

I'm currently writing and recording my new album "Focus" which should be out soon. Its a very ambitious album and I'm hoping it will raise my profile. I will continue looking for new and exciting gig opportunites, and creating a buzz. I'm also looking for Management. And/or a Label.

If people would like to hear some of your music, where can they do so?

Best place would be my Facebook profile - And if you wish to part with your hard earned cash, in exchange for my music, then you can visit Though the new album "Focus" will be on iTunes. Also, my Youtube is -

Thankyou very much for talking to us here at Fit4Talent, we have enjoyed having you here and we wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you ! :-)

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