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5 minutes with A Date with Elvis

"People began saying I sounded like Elvis as I was growing up"

Hi Elvis, tell me all about yourself

Hi Paul, my name is Ian Williams; I have been doing my act now for about 4 years, basically, I've always had a thing about mimicry, ever since I was a kid. It just developed from there; I've been travelling around developing and presenting my act for corporate parties, private parties and weddings, you name it I've been doing my act and loving every minute of it.

Ian, when did realise you wanted to be Elvis?

I think I got the bug ever since I was a kid, listening to Elvis, singing his songs in front of the mirror with a brush in my hand. People began saying I sounded like Elvis as I was growing up.

I realised it was time to be Elvis when a friend organised an event at the Crown Plaza hotel in Liverpool, he talked me into performing, saying if he could do what I was doing he would go for it, so I took his advice and I've not looked back since.

Over the past 4 years I've been perfecting the act you see today, with real hard work, plenty of rehearsals and attention to detail, also being a big fan helps as well. One day, a very good friend told me although I was a very good entertainer, I would benefit from some professional help with vocal and performance training. To this day, I am deeply indebted to him for his time and support for helping me realise my potential to perform as I now do.

That's brilliant Ian, what exactly does your act entail and what costumes do you wear?

The act entails full on audience participation throughout my show, the costumes I wear are actual authentic handmade jumpsuits as worn by the king himself, I have six of them, they are quite expensive bespoke items to purchase. I've amassed over eight hundred professional backing tracks during the past four years which has helped develop the act as a whole.

Where was your latest performance?

My latest gig, I'm pleased to say, was in the Isle of Man, at the Mount Murray Hotel. It was a Charity event for the Manx Foundation for the physically disabled. It was an absolutely fantastic show which had sold out before I arrived. The sound, lighting and costumes as well as my vocal performance all went across well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and raised a lot of money for the charity also.

What about future performances?

Well I have got quite a few shows running up to Christmas and the New Year. The New Year gig I will be returning to All Hallows Centre, Greenhill Road, Allerton, as I was there last year and the audience went berserk and loved the show, hence the return.

Ian, you are getting quite a large local following around Liverpool, but how far do you want to go?

I think its fantastic, my first gig I performed to about twenty people at a charity gig whereas I recently performed to more than twelve hundred people. I have also performed for politicians and was spotted on youtube by a businessman from Newcastle, who put me in a three man stage production called 'Elvis an American Trilogy', in which I played Elvis returning to live performances in front of a thousand people. I also appeared on local radio stations and featured in the local press about my act, so it's been quite a wide and varied audience I have played too along the way. I guess if I am honest with you I would like to perform in Memphis or Las Vegas; also to be successful and respected as a credible and professional Tribute to the King that's the dream, but you really do have to push yourself as far as you can in this business.

I know you are a great performer, but what makes your tribute act special?

I'd say the thing that makes my act special is, number one, I am a massive Elvis fan, number two, you have to take great care when you portray Elvis Presley. There are a number of Elvis tribute acts around who don't put in the effort and people can be quite cynical of these acts, which makes it quite difficult to break down that sort of attitude, but I think I am achieving this by hard work and attention to detail. I like to think I always give one hundred and ten percent. Just sounding and moving like Elvis, and picking the hits that the audience can identify with and encourage them to take part and enjoy the whole Elvis experience.

Ian, I know you do other things, can you elaborate?

Well as part of the act I do offer DJing services which I do quite often. I am also a compere and have been master of ceremonies on a number of occasions, for parties and corporate functions. It's another string to my bow which I really enjoy doing.

This interview has really been enlightening, how can people get to see you and your material?

Of course I have a Fit4Talent page, i've got a facebook page 'A date with Elvis'!/pages/A-Date-with-Elvis/183739955002449 I've got links to youtube 'A date with Elvis' followed by Can't help falling in Love / Suspicious Minds / The Wonder of You or Viva Las Vegas

I am on StarNow, on you can listen to recorded tracks from the studio.

I've a website that is presently under construction.

Thank you very much for your time Elvis, I mean Ian!

Following on from interview, here are a few comments about A Date with Elvis :-

Colette McAdam - The Manx Foundation for the Physically disabled.
"The Show at the Mount Murray was incredible a thoroughly professional tribute to the king. This is a show you must see, the sound, lighting and performance was pure Elvis. Brilliant!"

Lisa Callow - Isle of Man.
"This is the second visit to the Isle of Man for A Date with Elvis. Ian Williams never disappoints as the King, his portrayal and attention to detail is outstanding. I cannot wait for him to come back to the Isle of Man soon"

Steve Hughes - Liverpool.
"I have watched this stage act from the very beginning, and it has grown into the best Elvis Show I have seen. A lot of Elvis Tribute acts out there pay nowhere near as much time and effort as this act does. If you get the chance go and see one of his shows you will see what I mean, pure Elvis"

Graham Langhorne - Warrington.
"If you are a fan of Elvis fan then this is the show for you. I have seen A Date with Elvis many times, and the show gets better and better. Don't take my word for it, go and see it, you will not be disappointed"

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