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Global Angels

International Office, PO Box 64190, Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon St, United Kingdom, WC2N 4JF

What is Global Angels?
We are an international charity, championing the causes of disadvantaged children and their communities around the world.

We have a dream - a dream of a vast network of "Angels" - people like you and me, from all ages and cultures, uniting together through our donations, skills and resources, transforming the world we live in and creating pathways to a sustainable planet.

Drawing on an international team of professionals and volunteers, we work in partnerships resourcing best-practice-projects which empower children, young people and communities - our '100% Projects'.

Known as 'The 100% Charity', through our '100% Promise' we give every penny we receive from public donations directly to the '100% Projects' we partner with on the ground; providing water, food, education, homes, medical care and resources to transform lives.

We host the 'Angels in Concert' series, events and adventures, raising funds to empower children, young people and their communities whether they are living in extreme poverty or disadvantage, devastated environmental conditions, with disability or life threatening illness, are street kids, orphans, child slaves, trafficked kids, or child soldiers.

Does Global Angels have a mission?
Yes. Our aim is to facilitate and support the global movement working to make the world a safer, fairer, kinder and healthier place for ALL.

Our goal is to inspire a new generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and givers who know that their time, resources and passions are being invested in a transparent, ethical and efficient way and our 100% Promise helps to achieve this.

Our hope is that if we work together we can change the course of history and become a truly sustainable planet.

What makes Global Angels different from other charities?
Alongside several innovative charities, we are leading the way with a new model of charity where all donations from the public go directly to provide tangible resources for on-the-ground projects.

Through our '100% Promise' every penny we receive from public donations goes directly to resource '100% Projects' working with children, young people and their communities at grass-root levels. We do not use any of your donation to cover our administrative or overhead costs. Zero!

We are connecting with a new generation of givers, people like you and me who want to know their money goes directly where people need help most.

How can Global Angels give 100% of its public donations directly to projects?
We have private individual and corporate sponsors – called Corporate Angels - who together with our merchandise,event sales, and Gift Aid cover our administration and operating costs.

How does Global Angels choose which projects to support?
We partner with outstanding charitable organisations who run projects that make a significant impact to empowering disadvantaged children, young people and communities in the UK and around the world. We give grants to resource and capacity build best-practice-projects which provide; water, food, education, shelter, medical care and resources to those who need it. We also give grants for emergency aid in disasters to rebuild infrastructure.
Every charitable organisation that we partner with must agree to abide by our '100% Promise'. This means that all of our charitable partners must only spend the grants gifted to them on project resources and nothing on covering their administrative costs. These are our '100% Projects'.

Our '100% Projects' are researched, selected and monitored by the Global Angels International Advisory Board and team members. Our International Advisory Board is made up of highly skilled experts in the charity, humanitarian and business world who bring in their specialist skills and personal knowledge to each project we support.

All of the '100% Projects' we support are personally recommended and visited by members of our International Advisory Board or Team. To select which '100% Projects' to partner with, we invite potential partners to make an initial proposal for a grant to capacity build and resource their project. We follow a rigorous research and vetting procedure on their proposal and their planned use of grant funds. We ask how the charitable organisation will guarantee to follow our '100% Promise' and to provide us with assurance that funds will not be used for administration or other organisational purposes or losses. Once Global Angels decides what projects to fund, we agree with the charitable partner on the exact use of funds and the necessary monitoring, feedback and accountability procedures through a detailed contract. Only then is the first installment of grant funds released.

Each of our '100% Projects' is contracted to use grants solely for providing tangible resources on the ground. Projects are closely monitored and audited, and if for any reason a partner was not to use funds as agreed in contract, we would not continue the partnership."

All of our '100% Projects' also adhere to all UNICEF ‘Rights of the Child’ criteria.

When did Global Angels launch?
Global Angels officially launched in July, 2005, with a concert by Daniel Bedingfield, Lemar, Natasha Bedingfield at Coutts on the Strand, London, UK.

We launched Global Angels as an NGO in the USA, November 2007, with a concert in Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square, New York.
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