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The secret to Devious’ success (as with many things) is a combination of many factors. Firstly, the varied set list. The unmistakable opening chords of “One Vision” to the shuffle of “Sweet Home Alabama”, the sing-along Stereophonics hit “Local Boy in the Photograph” to the bombastic “I Predict a Riot”, the classic opening riff of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” to the infectious “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and many, many more. With classics like these not just played, but delivered to the audience as only Devious can, they leave venues baying for more. Like the consummate professionals they are - Devious always oblige, usually culminating in “We are the champions” which signals (to everyone who has lived in the civilised world for the last 25 years) that the show is finally over.

Secondly, a wide ranging (much copied) set list is not the only factor for Devious’ success. The group are friends as well as colleagues, feeding of each other’s energy and then responding to the moment. They are at ease in each other’s presence, which is then translated onto stage where unlike most other bands - they make the audience a major part of their performance leaving the crowd in the palm of Jim’s hand.

Finally it’s the confidence the band instil in both venue and customer, which is part of the appeal. Venues can be warned that a full house is usually expected with Devious and that the crowd will always be treated to the full unique rock n’ roll experience that is Devious. This partnership leaves satisfied customers and satisfied venues!! Everyone is a winner when the Devious boys are in town.

Devious are more than the dirth of covers bands, tribute acts or artistes clogging up the circuit. They are motivated by the music and it’s this love, which is the appeal. Songs delivered with the same level of passion and excitement as if it were the first time they were played. The same show and energy levels are given whether they are playing to 50 or 500 people. In it for the money? No. It helps, but this is a band that are in it for the love of rock n roll.
here’s the low down on what makes Devious tick

Larger than life, louder that hell, no one ever forgets Devious.

Smoke machines, back drops, lighting rigs, amps from floor to ceiling and a set list to whet anybody’s appetite are not just the realm of stadium rock acts but the standard for the professional show that Devious serve up.

Devious don’t just play songs they deliver them with both barrels and not just the usual drab pub and club faire. On any one night you could be treated Welsh anthems from the Manics and Stereophonics, Brit rock classics from Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs, the classic rock of Guns 'n’ Roses and Van Halen or a number of impressive tracks from the mighty Queen.

The choice of songs and fervent delivery is the key to any Devious performance and has led to them being loved across South Wales and beyond. Don’t let them on stage too late as an encore is not just part of any performance it’s the best way to avoid a riot.


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