chloe macalpine

Suffolk, United Kingdom

+ Singer
+ Song Writer
hello ,
my name is chloe macalpine , im 14 years old and am a singer, if you need anymore info , just message me at
Im a crazy, bubbly girl , i sing mainly for charity evemts , but i'm open to paid gigs :) ,

i enjoy singing alot, j got into performances last year , and have been singing since , i have started a few charity events myself for a charity called Bullying UK , i have been bullied since i started school and wanted to raise money and awarness , so i gathered singers and dancers , t was so much fun , i want to do more though :)
i dont really have a career yet , im still in school :)

im taking:
BTEC Music
GCSE Food Tech
A Level Philosphy
GCSE Media Studies


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